The 2021 Oscars are almost here, and also you're definitely going to desire to acquire yourJudas and the black color Messiahwatch in before the show! Which means you much better get on that soon if you've to be holding off, due to the fact that the critically acclaimed drama is leaving HBO Max for the moment being later on this month. Along withJudas,Tim Story'sTom & Jerry is likewise leaving the streaming service in March together a component of Warner Bros.' strategy come debut their big movies for a limited streaming home window while theaters are still wait to open up.

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What else is leaving HBO Max in march?Well, now's the time to throwing in a re-watch of theAlienandDie Hard movies before they're gone, in addition to standouts likeShazam!,Love & Basketball,Detective Pikachu, andThe method Back.

inspect out the complete list of title leaving HBO Max this month below, and if you're looking for something brand-new to watch, you'll uncover all the brand-new movies and shows streaming ~ above HBO Max here.


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