The duo talk about their brand-new single, getting excited to do music again, and why they’re no embarrassed come be your childhood faves.

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So, yes, Aly & AJ space still top top a roll. Even during our call, they"re in the midst of their first official new York Fashion week (tours and and filming schedules have precluded them indigenous attending in the past), hopping native one buzzy show to the next consisting of Collina Strada, Monse, and also Peter Do. Wearing chic, combination dresses and also suits, the sisters looked like far from NYFW first-timers, however still, the indigenous Californians had actually to adjust to the Manhattan scene. “It"s been really fun,” says Aly, “But it"s also so different from the nightlife that the suffer in Los Angeles.” At the very least they didn’t need to brave that alone.

Here, Aly & AJ discuss how they’ve grown together songwriters, overcoming the pressure of young stardom, and also why this brand-new album felt choose their first.

You simply released a new single, “Get over Here.” just how did it come together?

AJ: It was sort of one of the leading songs of this new record. Ns was filming a present at the time, and also Aly take it a trip to Denver. She and Jorge Elbrecht started writing three songs and “Get over Here” was among them. These songs characterized the sound and also the ton of the record, and essentially it"s a hookup song. It"s all about the desperation and yearning of just wanting someone to get over right here as shortly as possible. And also it"s sort of sexy the longer you wait, the much longer you"re in anticipation.

We dropped in love through the track, but it almost became a 16-song album. And also we were like, Look, we have to save some of these tunes and they"re yes, really strong, however let"s simply put out a deluxe and have this be one of the leading singles of the deluxe edition. And it just made sense. I could see that song on the key album, but I think that"s what"s therefore special around it. It"s gaining its very own life and also its own moment right now.

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The inspirations because that the album revolve around joy and also escapism. In “Pretty Places,” you both talk around “pulling far from the pain.” to be it a conscious selection to focus on those themes ? Or go it simply come naturally?

AJ: I think it to be a bit of both. Ns think the was absolutely a herbal record the Aly and also I wanted to make. It was the tone we wanted to really celebrate, we"re hopefully coming the end of quarantine and also out right into the sun, however a most that energy was already something we wanted to put right into the record before COVID had even hit. I think we just leaned right into it much more knowing that us were coming out of together an aggressive year and such a year of sadness and pain because that so many human being that this album felt prefer a benchmark that hope. And I hope the it"s come throughout that means because i think people have yes, really taken it together so.

This album come 14 years after her last. Why did you feel prefer this was the ideal time to ultimately release one more LP?

Aly: Well, we never ever really to plan to have as lengthy of a break together we did. We were still type of creating in in between those times. We put out part music under a various name, but, in ~ the finish of the day, we hadn"t yes, really made a studio album prefer this in a really long time. And also I think for us, it came down to the reality that our commitments come the TV shows that we were on were no much longer holding us earlier from gaining in the studio and putting a the majority of time and also energy into the really production part of it. I beg your pardon is why us made two EPs, due to the fact that we to be able to do a few songs here and also there, and I can fly back from Vancouver and also AJ might record ~ above the weekends and also stuff, but we couldn"t actually give ourselves to a 12-plus-song album. Once COVID hit, us realized the that home window was open even broader for us.

“AJ and also I just have gone v a many of growing pains, particularly having began so young, and also that this record felt like the first record for us, in a weird way.”

We had actually planned on do a record after AJ wrapped native her show <Schooled>. Yet then because it ended up no coming back, it gave us, girlfriend know, five much more months to do the album. It was large for us. Ns think that ultimately, AJ and I just have actually gone with a many of growing pains, specifically having began so young, and also that this record felt choose the very first record because that us, in a monster way. Us felt favor we were making our first album. Ns obviously remember make our past records, however in a way, this felt like this was the very first one. And also it was type of the very first one that we were making together adult women.


Why did that feel prefer it was a first for you? What"s readjusted when you method music now?

Aly: I think that there was this excitement to do music that we had actually lost a tiny bit the we have actually gotten back with this record. There was this sort of prefer sense the wonder and also excitement and also hope. We"ve remained in the market for therefore long, sometimes you type of can"t aid but it is in jaded by details things. And for every little thing reason, no one of the existed with the making of this album, even if it is it to be the writing process, the recording process working with our producer, that was just like, everything was feasible and i don"t recognize why we had actually that sense of security and also hope, yet we just did. And we really fell into it. And also I think the it was a little bit of self-manifestation on our part, but likewise just complying with our producers’ to trust in us. That was a substantial thing.

Absolutely. Just how do friend think you"ve grown as artists since the last album?

AJ: I think there"s a trust on stage now that Aly and I feel really, yes, really comfortable increase there. Like it feels favor home. A perfect example of the was playing Lollapalooza. We gained on phase at one o"clock and also we had no reservation what the crowd was going to be like, and we were all set to play ours hearts the end no matter what. It ended up being an remarkable experience and also probably among the finest moments that our career so far. I just think that we"ve hit ours stride. We"re artist who room truly writing for ourselves and for ours fans. And also I think those should be the two priorities as soon as you"re making a record.

“I think that in the past we felt pressured to need to write because that our brand or for radio.”

Aly: Yeah. And I think that in the past we felt pressured to need to write because that our label or because that radio. Ns think that"s choose kryptonite to artists. I think it"s prefer the worst feasible thing. And thankfully we"ve uncovered that out and also we"ve just embraced, choose AJ was saying, composing for the fans and also then ultimately at the finish of the day, creating for us, because we have to enjoy these songs. We"re walking to be the ones that space playing them because that years come come.

I will certainly say, listening back to songs choose “Rush” or “Chemicals React,” I"m still super impressed v the songwriting, also though you speak there was some press behind it.

AJ: I"m yes, really proud of those songs.

Aly: I to be too. As soon as it pertains to AJ and I together artists, ns think the point that us associate ourselves with first is being songwriters. And then ns think the we would say that we"re singers. And then I would say, we"re performers, entertainers, and also all the rest originates from there. Yet really at our core, we"re songwriters. We love the act of songwriting so much. In one more life, would we have actually been writers for other artists, if us hadn"t started our careers at such young ages? yet we really simply love the sense of community that songwriting brings and also the experiences that take place in the room human you"re writing the tune with. It"s yes, really magical, and also it"s something that can"t be taught. It"s just, it"s sort of cosmic.


What walk it feeling like currently to have actually a brand-new generation suffer your music from TikTok? You were going famous in the past year.

Aly: It"s wild. Ns don"t think we ever before saw the coming. It to be obviously really rad the this younger generation could either relearn the music or just totally find that organically v the platform. Several of these children are supervisor young and also they more than likely weren"t also born once we were placing music out. The obviously makes AJ and also I laugh, however at the end of the day, it"s just good that we were may be to kind of get new fans native that. And also now they"re listening come the new music.

AJ: We to be at a party last night and we"ve really linked with Gigi Goode over the previous year, we just adore her, and also she had actually asked me, “Does it make you kind of roll your eye or noble of hear that people are excited around ‘Potential Breakup Song’?”

And i was like, “Honestly, no.” It renders me feel an excvxcialistoufjg.comnt every time someone"s like, “That"s mine childhood.” Or like, “I listened to that throughout a breakup,” or choose it comes on in a club. It"s no embarrassing. It important feels good to understand that we have actually a little time capsule song.

“I don"t think we"ve ever been sick of a fan coming up and also saying, ‘I grew up on her music’ or ‘This matters to me.’”

Aly: You know, it"s interesting. Ns don"t think we"ve ever before been ailing of a fan coming up and saying, “I prospered up on her music” or “This matters to me.” That"s constantly been really relevant come us. I think sometimes we would obtain frustrated why civilization loved a song so much. And also that was just in, like, our early 20s. Like, “I don"t desire to pat this tune again, we"ve play this song like 2000 time now.” however now, in a strange way, it"s every so removed, so many years ago, it"s gotten this fresh start. Currently it have the right to actually feel old and also close to home.

AJ: It"s like all of our children. We"re the proud moms, and they"ve get an impressive up.

How an excvxcialistoufjg.comnt did it feeling to ultimately curse ~ above “Potential Breakup Song” critical year?

AJ: It feeling good.

Aly: It did feel good. Although, you recognize what"s funny? ns think a lot of of human being thought that we want to swear top top that song originally. And also I don"t even think that it overcome our mind since we knew that that would certainly have gained absolutely blown down by the label. So there to be no means that we were also going come entertain the idea. It"s funny due to the fact that it sounds so natural and normal the it would, however we didn"t also dare walk there.

AJ: It"s really fun to song live since now civilization just immediately go off. They"re therefore hyped on the words. It"s actually hilarious. It"s favor none of united state have ever before sworn before and we"re all just so excited come say it.

During those times when you two were personally or filming your corresponding shows, exactly how would you save in touch and also support each other?

Aly: A most text messages.

AJ: Lots that texting.

Aly: A many FaceTime.

AJ: And us live yes, really close to every other. We have actually purposely determined we’re going to it is in a five-minute drive since our company is together, ours friendship is super tight. There are so numerous reasons come be near each other in a city prefer LA, so we"re neighbors. We store in touch constantly. As soon as one of us is shooting, we’re ~ above FaceTime nice consistently. We still run our company from afar. And also we really make sure that sisterhood is the priority.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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