Most human being know Aly Raisman as a gold-medal-winning Olympic gymnast; many don"t view her as a dancer. But, after she showed up on season 16 of Dancing v The Stars, skeptics were transforming their tune. These videos that Aly Raisman top top Dancing v The Stars show just how talented she is.

Season 16 aired in 2013, when Raisman was just 18 years old. She and her skilled partner, mark Ballas, were a good team, and also it to be no surprise that castle went all the way to the show"s finale, according to the Boston Herald. But despite their entrancing freestyle performance, castle did not take residence the mirrored disco ball. They lost to singer Kellie Pickler and professional dancer Derek Hough in a heartbreaking turn of events, according to

In an interview through Us Weekly, Raisman said, "I am so excited. Ns have functioned so hard at this. My score from the start was to do the finale so currently I just want come enjoy and also cherish the last few performances and make tonight a night to remember!" for Raisman and viewers alike, it to be a night to remember. It"s clear in she dances the she is an incredible athlete and gymnast (she can"t hide it!), however she was also graceful, energetic, and also impressive.

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In that last episode, she and Ballas danced a samba and a cha cha together well. Despite she"d done hundreds of gymnastics floor routines and been watched through millions and also millions of human being during the Olympics, she admitted come still gift a tiny nervous before her run performances. She claimed in that very same Us Weekly interview, "I"m regular nervous — no anymore than usual. Absolutely not as nervous together I was for the Olympics. This is simply for fun! It"s the first time in mine life that ns am act something various so I"d honestly rather enjoy it than anything else." it is clean from these videos that she is having a good time.

The season to be filmed soon after Raisman rocketed come fame in 2012 during the 2012 Olympics in London, England. She won an astonishing three medals end the food of the games. She winner a yellow medal v her team, a gold for she floor routine, and also a copper for her balance beam performance. Also without win Dancing with The Stars, she"s acquired quite a resume.

Raisman"s incredible performance top top Dancing through The Stars puts her in the great company of other gymnasts who have actually gone far on the show.

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No long before Raisman"s appearance, Olympian Shawn Johnson won she season. Fans will be able to see much more of Raisman"s talent in this year"s summer Olympics whereby she"ll be competing once again because that Team USA.