Aly Raisman has no intentionally of being seen as a victim. After ~ candidly testifying in court about the abuse she and also other athletes skilled while working through Team USA gymnastics medical professional Larry Nassar, the Olympics gymnast is reclaiming strength over her own body in a gorgeous new photo shoot because that Sports shown Swimsuit.

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The gold medalist is one of 10 ladies featured in the magazine’s brand-new “In Her very own Words” project (others include Robyn Lawley and Paulina Porizkova), which attributes models posing entirely nude except for a collection of paragraph painted on their bodies.

Women execute not have to be modest to it is in respected-- Live for you! Everyone have to feel comfortable expressing themselves however makes castle happy. Women deserve to be intelligent, fierce, sexy, powerful, strong, advocate for readjust while put on what makes them feel best. The moment where women are taught to be ashamed of their bodies is OVER. The female body is beautiful and we need to all be proud of who we are, inside and out. Say thanks to you so much

Raisman became her very own canvas, and also selected a series of uplifting unit volume — "Trust yourself," "Every voice matters," "Abuse is never OK" and "Live for you," for starters — to share an inspiring message the self-acceptance, empowerment and confidence.


Aly Raisman on gymnastics sex scandal: 'This is bigger than Larry Nassar'

Jan. 25, 201806:11
The hopeful body-image champion — she starred in a Photoshop-free lingerie campaign for Aerie, American Eagle"s lingerie and swim brand, previously this year — also painted she body with the word "Survivor" and the native "Women carry out not have to be usually to be respected."

While talking with the magazine, Raisman claimed she really hopes that sharing she story will help give various other women part much-needed hope.

alyraisman is a SURVIVOR and proud of it. #SISwim 2018

A short article shared through Sports illustrated Swimsuit (

"I think anyone goes through really hard times and I’ve decided to be so honest about what i went through due to the fact that the tough times are really hard come talk about and they are uncomfortable, however they are equally as important into shaping us as the great times," she stated in the accompanying interview.

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In the midst of the farming #TimesUp and also #MeToo movements, Raisman has questioned the require for an end to victim-shaming, a topic she disputed with the magazine.

“I would favor to repeat everyone that being a survivor is nothing to it is in ashamed of, and going v a hard time go not define you," she said. "I hope the we have the right to one day gain to a allude where anyone realizes the women do not need to be usual to be respected. Us are complimentary to attract confidence and happiness in our very own way, and it is never ever for someone rather to choose for us or to also judge us for the matter. For me, "In Her own Words" serves as a reminder the we room all humans, we room all battling something, and also it is yes to no be OK. We are not alone and also we need each other.”