Alyson Stoner ended up being the self-proclaimed “little white girl indigenous the Missy Elliott video” in the beforehand 2000s. As a child, she danced in number of of the rapper’s music videos. Some of the memorable moment of the multitalented celebrity were in Elliott’s videos for her songs “Gossip Folks” and “I’m yes, really Hot.” However, her performance in the “Work It” video would reunite Stoner through the Grammy Winner nearly two decades later.

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Alyson Stoner and also Missy Elliott met in 2002

Stoner to be born in Toledo, Ohio, ~ above Aug. 11, 1993. As soon as she to be young, she moved to brand-new York City to pursue dance and acting. Soon, her mother, LuAnne Hodges (née Adams), uprooted them come Los Angeles for much more opportunities. As soon as there, she take it dance lessons at a studio in LA. In 2002, she associated with Elliott, who hired her as a backup dancer.

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The Suite Life the Zack and also Cody alum created in Rolling stone that working with the “Hot Boyz” artist changed her job trajectory. Throughout her op-ed around reuniting through Elliott years later, she stated she channeled the lessons she learned native the rapper back in the beforehand 2000s. 

“I leap out of bed toward the narrow full-length mirror and assess mine 26-year-old self. It’s with an adult frame and also personhood the I will certainly embody and relay the activities I very first performed in 2002, and also I watch no further than Missy for guidance,” Stoner said. “I think the the joy and also unifying power that characterize her artistry and imagine this transcendent minute being mutual equally amongst everybody.”

Missy Elliott inquiry Alyson Stoner to perform the choreography native ‘Work It’ for she MTV video Vanguard tribute

After working v Elliott on three music videos, Stoner made her mark on Disney Channel. Top top the network, she appeared as a guest on its hit shows such as That’s for this reason Raven, Phineas and also Ferb, and also Jonas Brothers: life The Dream. Additionally, Stoner landing a starring duty as Caitlyn Geller in Camp Rock and Camp absent 2: The last Jam.

Alyson Stoner to be the “little white girl” in Missy Elliott’s “Work It” video clip in 2002. Then Missy asked she to perform at the VMAs

— Rolling rock (
RollingStone) September 7, 2019

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In 2019, MTV announced that Elliott would certainly be the receiver of its video Vanguard Award. The compensation recognizes musician who use their imagination in their videos and is a tribute come the so late Michael Jackson. For her honor, Elliott do her an imaginative director, HiHat, call Stoner. Throughout their phone call, the Step increase actor stated her team provided her “nearly complete an imaginative freedom” because that the performance. However, she was compelled to repeat the choreography native the 2002 music video. 

“HiHat playfully recounts mine perfectionism from nine years old, that s right predicting the I‘m currently silently stitching potential sequences together in mine head,” Stoner recalled.

Although she mental the steps, the Disney alum to be anxious about going on stage. She hadn’t repeated the choreography live in years and didn’t want to chaos up her “lifelong hero’s” tribute.

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“Note to self: Don’t mess up Missy’s Vanguard power tomorrow,” Stoner believed the night before the VMAs. “I giggle the end loud since I recognize it won’t happen.”

Alyson Stoner’s network worth after Missy Elliott

Stoner performed in ~ the 2019 MTV video Music Awards with a solo performance of “Work It.” The dancer showed off her buzzed haircut and also rocked a yellow jumpsuit because that the act. For plenty of Elliott fans, the tribute to be nostalgic and also honored the videos that the early 2000s. 

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Since working v Elliott and also the Disney Channel, Stoner has operated on her digital brand. Follow to Celebrity network Worth, she currently has a net worth the $1.5 million. In addition to lending her voice to shows such as Milo Murphy’s Law, she has actually a self-help YouTube channel.