In 2014, Selena Gomez carry out "The Heart wants What the Wants" in ~ the American Music Awards. The tune is likely about Justin Bieber, and, in ~ the time, Gomez and also Bieber to be officially on the down-and-down. Gomez sang the in a blush-colored gown, alone ~ above the stage of the American Music Awards. In ~ the song's bridge, the screen behind her illustrated a pair of wing — Gomez was a infant pop angel on stage, mourning the finish of the Jelena era. She teared up throughout the performance, struggling a small vocally. In the audience, Taylor Swift teared up together well. Gomez's performance went viral, and though she go on to execute at the 2015 AMAs and also to win Favorite mrs Artist in ~ the 2016 AMAs, this is the SelGo power that i remember most.

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In just a couple of days, Gomez will take the stage at the AMAs as soon as again. She is performing her new song "Wolves" this year. And, she's kissing Justin Bieber in public places. Jelena is on the back! What a great time for us all to revisit "The Heart desires What the Wants," the song around how Selena Gomez can't battered Justin Bieber.
The 2014 power (which you have the right to watch below) starts with a monologue from Gomez, a portion of the same monologue she ceded in the music video for the song.
"I feel like, I recognize him, though, and also I recognize his heart, and I understand what that wouldn't execute to ache me," Gomez claims in the monologue. "But ns didn't realize the — I'm feeling so confident, and feeling so great about myself and then it simply be so totally shattered by one thing."
Presumably, she's talking about Bieber. She knew his heart! She didn't think he would certainly hurt her! yet then that hurt her!
In the song, she sings, "I understand I'm exhilaration a little bit crazy/Strung out, a tiny bit hazy/Hand over heart, I'm praying/That I'm gonna do it the end alive." and yet, since she's obtained those screen-wings on she back, we recognize that she will make it out alive. As soon as the chorus hits, Gomez rests the microphone far from her challenge as if she's too exhausted to even sing. A monitor completes the chorus for her because, friend know, she's struggling!
Though friend can't exactly laud Gomez's vocal power at the 2014 AMAs, the show itself is iconic, and also even Gomez has actually admitted that the 2014 performance was pivotal.

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"In 2014, this stage was actually the very first time ns was 100% authentically moral with every one of you," she claimed at the 2016 AMAs.
Here's hoping the this year, she'll be just as honest. Due to the fact that we'd all really love her to confirm her brand-new relationship status. Maybe as soon as she sings "Wolves" — i beg your pardon is about a lover returning to someone after a series of trials and also tribulations (!!!!) — she'll suggest to Bieber in the audience and also say, "This is about him. The heart want what that wanted and also I obtained it."
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