15 Shocking Movie scenes You must Pause At part movie scenes are so shocking the you immediately want to stop in bespeak to see what"s walk on. These space the most pause-worthy moments.

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The Young Teacher and Twister were both forgettable movies that to be made memorable for one very good reason: they were the an initial movies come be released ~ above VHS and also DVD, respectively. Even the jerky pausing volume of VHS represented something of a breakthrough because that movie fans. For the first time ever they could watch a movie at home, pausing it in ~ the amazing bits and fast-forwarding through the boring parts.

Then, in 1997, the jerky VHS was replaced by the DVD and also film fans almost everywhere rejoiced when they establish the jerkiness to be gone and also they could smoothly freeze-frame any scene. Those naughty bits, the distinct effects, those "did I simply see what ns think I saw" moments, also as the fleeting photos that came and went in an immediate were targeted by passionate fans.

That skull that gradually showed up on Norman Bates" challenge in Psycho could be progressively forwarded and also studied. Margot Robbie"s personality exposing it s her in The wolf of wall surface Street was paused in the vain hope of in reality seeing something.

Including these and also more, right here are the 15 Shocking Movie scene You must Pause At.

15 physician Strange - Dies and also Dies Again

Doctor Strange has countless pause-worthy moments, however the scene in the direction of the end when physician Strange die over and also over again has become a pan favorite. Doctor Strange supplies the Eye the Agamotto to manipulate time and also save the world. He traps himself and also the evil demon Dormammu in an countless time loop and also tells the rogue that, unless he agrees to leave the planet alone, they will remain there forever.

Dormammu tests the moment loop by killing medical professional Strange over and over again. Scriptwriter Kevin Feige has said that doctor Strange die dozens, if not hundreds, the times. The montage, like countless scenes indigenous the movie, has a psychedelic feel.

Many fans believe that the Eye of Agamotto is going come have critical role come play in future installments, i beg your pardon is likewise why so many chose come zoom in top top its effects.

14 The bronze - naked Acrobats

Fans were rushing to pause Melissa Rauch"s raunchy bedroom step in 2015"s The Bronze, not only because she is naked but also because she is act handstands and also acrobats. That is a feast because that the eyes.

Sadly, the film is a bit of a disappointment that tries come cash in top top the funny anti-hero idea. The star Melissa Rauch plays the usually wise Bernadette in CBS"s The huge Bang Theory. In The Bronze, howeverthe comedic actress plays a foul-mouthed and bad-tempered previous Olympic copper Medal gymnast has-been.

She is a big fish in a tiny town pond, and is talked right into coaching one aspiring Olympic wannabe. The movie uses a one-joke sense of humour, with a was standing out moment when a nude Rauch jumps ~ above a bed and also does a hand stand prior to she and also her lover recreate the acrobatic lift from Dirty Dancing. It"s rather a long scene, with many avenues to pause, watch, and enjoy.

13 Hardcore Henry - Exploding Head

In a film filled with gimmicks and tricks, the is the shocking scene with the exploding head that had fans freeze framing the most. Hardcore Henry is a 2015 Russian scientific research fiction action film, which follows the story of Henry, a cyborg through no memory, who is resurrected from the dead.

His mission is to save his "wife" native a warlord v an angry plan, which entails bio-engineering soldiers therefore he deserve to take over the world. Intriguingly, the is told from Henry"s an initial person suggest of view, and aims come both shock and also astound in equal measure.

At one point, Henry corners a criminal on the highways of Moscow whose head explodes simply at that moment, courtesy the a sniper"s bullet. It"s a well-done piece of special results and, also in pause mode, it"s difficult to see specifically how it was placed together.

12 The brother Grimsby - Streaking

The step in The brothers Grimsby that had most fans reaching for the remote control is the one in i m sorry naked actress Rebel Wilson streaks throughout a football field. The just thing, however, that it isn"t really Wilson.

The very funny star of Pitch Perfect claimed no come nudity and also insisted that it it is in written into her contract. The movie, which received negative reviews, speak the tale of Sebastian (Mark Strong), a top MI6 assassin who is make the efforts to conserve the world.

However, he is ~ above the run and his only option is to team up v his repulsive football hooligan brother Nobby (Sacha Baron Cohen). Nobby resides in Grimsby northern England through his children and wife, that is play by Wilson.

Cohen tried come convince Wilson to execute the streaking scene herself, yet she refused. For this reason the nude blonde is a body double who, believe it or not, is a larger-than-Rebel burlesque dancer from southern Africa.

11 The Greasy Strangler - Eye Popping

In a film full of awkward and also uncomfortable pause-worthy moments, the eye popping strangulation scene in The Greasy Strangler is a fan favorite. If someone to be updating a list of the many unwatchable films ever, 2016"s Greasy Strangler would virtually certainly be on it.

It is a perverted, crass movie that is full that cartoon-like gore-- the is a movie in which fans reached for the remote control because they couldn"t believe what they"d just seen.

The story entails a father and son completing for the same girl, in ~ the very same time as a lard-covered strangler starts to stalk the streets. The movie, billed as a fear comedy, premiered at the Sundance film Festival in 2016, follow me side Swiss army Man. 

It is one understatement come say the neither movies wowed the audience or the critics. Both do provide some shocking pause-worthy moments, however, with The Greasy Strangler winning by a mile.

10 Star battles - Darth Vader"s Skeleton

Star Wars: Return that the Jedi was do in 1983, and part of the fun of watching the movie is pausing at scene to see how its visual and also specials impacts have held up over the years.

Surprisingly, they"ve actually organized up nice well. The most paused minute in the film comes as soon as Luke Skywalker backs far from killing his father and also the Emperor attacks Vader through a bolt that lightning.

Vader responds by cram the screaming Emperor to his death down a reactor pit. Together he stumbles back, the remaining bolts of lightning circulation over that and, for the briefest moment, audiences might see his skeleton illuminated under his armor.

Over the year it has because become a classic and also iconic movie moment. While Return that the Jedi is not everybody"s favorite Star Wars film, that does offer epic battle scenes and also has a few brilliant moments. The short skeleton scene, for example, is really memorable scene.

9 Lights the end - Dead Cop

Lights Out has two scenes that space freeze-frame favorites. One involves the demonic Diana revealing she putrified face, if the various other includes the hollowed eye, zombie-like dead cop showing up in the darkness. Since Diana is a cliché boogie woman, most fans favor the unforgettable dead cop scene.

The movie tells the story of a woman called Rebecca who is haunted through the long-dead Diana, a being from she mother"s past. Diana only ever appears as soon as the lights go out. The inquiry is: is Diana actual or a figment the Rebecca"s mother"s deranged imagination? in ~ the very least, the two room intertwined.

At the end of the film, the police arrive to save the day and are murdered by Diana. They then reappear in a horrible zombie-like state. The movie received mixed reviews, v high marks for scare-factor and also lower marks for film craft.

8 Nerve - The Mooning

Nerve doesn"t have numerous pause-worthy moments until you obtain to the cheer step where cheerleader Sydney (Emily Meade) moons the crowd. The crowd goes wild in ~ the sight.

The movie follows Vee (Emma Roberts), the archetypal quiet and shy girl life in the zero of her much more popular girlfriend Sydney. So, she decides to make part changes and starts playing Nerve-- a sinister online video game where game players space dared come do increasingly dangerous points for money.

Theses tasks can be funny moments, yet unfortunately lock become more sinister and also dangerous together time go on, and what began as a bit of liberating fun becomes a deadly catch for Vee.

The 2016 film to be an evident nod come the dangers of social media, v Vee, a bashful and suggestible young girl see the video game as a method of breaking out. At the end of the day, Vee is required to fake her very own murder in stimulate to bring an finish to she Nerve nightmare.

7 Sausage Party - Orgy

The orgy step in the 2016 film Sausage Party offers a wide range of shots that fans love to stop at. The 3D R-rated adult computer animation tells the story of candid the sausage, who is seeking the meaning of life.

He and his food friends live at a supermarket referred to as Shopwell"s and, in the beginning, prayer humans. However, when they find out their the fate in the "Great Beyond" is to be eaten, castle rebel and fight the shoppers in a battle that ends in a victory for Frank and his friends.

Finally liberated, castle celebrate with an orgy. The orgy sequences are pretty graphic, and also the film was among the an initial American CGI-generated movies to obtain an R-rating. Witnessing different items the food acquire together and also have one orgy has to be one of the weirdest scenes in movie history, so it"s no wonder that so countless viewers were rapid to hit the stop button.

Sausage Party is a quirky film, but it"s certainly not because that everybody.

6 The Lion King - "S-E-X" In The Sky

also kids" movies, such as The Lion King, have scenes where adults were quick to grab their remotes and also hit pause. When a discouraged young lion named Simba slumps down on a rock and also blows dust right into the air, it shows up to assignment "S-E-X."

Fans the The Lion King love to frozen the scene and also then slowly development the movie in stimulate to check out how much they have the right to go in perfecting that 3 letter word. Disney animators are famous-- or infamous-- for injecting naughty little Easter eggs and also images right into their films.

As Disney"s take on Hamlet, the movie tells the story that Simba, a son who loser his father and also must take it on a knavish uncle to reclaim what is rightfully his.

The "sex" scene comes at a low point in Simba"s fortunes and, in part ways, presages the happy finishing that inevitably come at the end of Disney cartoons. While some fans insurance claim that the letter spell "SFX" and are a well deserved shout out to the studio"s Special results Department, many fans favor the "sex" interpretation.

5 wolf Of wall surface Street - The security Camera Flash

as soon as an upset Margot Robbie reflects Leonardo DiCaprio what that is missing in the 2013 film The wolf of wall Street, she is likewise inadvertently caught on a security camera, in order to flashing the defense guards together well.

Fans love to pause and rerun the moment just to view if something is visible. The step is funny, sexy, and also sets the scene because that the battle of the spouses that punctuates the film. DiCaprio theatre Jordan Belfort, the eponymous wolf of wall surface Street. Jordan is an unlikable and also arrogant lord of the cosmos type.

Robbie portrays Naomi, his long-suffering wife, a woman adept at utilizing her smoldering an excellent looks to take she revenge on she cheating husband. It is a raucous film, mirroring the free-wheeling wall surface Street of the 1980s. It is no surprise that the "f-word" has over 500 outings in the film.

In the end, Naomi leaves, and a laugh Jordan, fresh out of prison, is seen conducting how-to-sell seminars.

4 She"s The man - Shirt Lifting Scene

once She"s the Man star Amanda Bynes lifts her shirt come prove the she"s no a man, every man watching at home was grabbing the remote regulate to view what she to be revealing. The story is quite predictable: when her pair brother Sebastian decides to walk to London quite than to his posh boarding school, Viola, play by Bynes, it s okay talked into standing in for him.

Having disguised herself together Sebastian, she transforms up in ~ the school and later join the institution soccer team. She, of course, falls for Duke, play by Channing Tatum. In ~ the end, come the inevitable huge reveal.

"He" is a she, love triumphs, and everyone lives happily ever after. The 2006 film is a mainly unexciting teen-at-boarding-school fare, but worth a watch if just for the large shirt lifting scene and the sight of a young, fresh-faced Amanda Bynes.

3 Psycho - human being Skull

In a film full of pause-worthy moments, the sight of Norman Bates in a police cell looking straight into the camera as a montage sequence progressively reveals-- fairly literally-- his skull is most likely one the the many paused movie moments ever.

It is a chilling reminder the both his victims and his ultimate fate. The is a standard must-see moment that fans still stop to study, i m sorry proves Alfred Hitchcock"s mastery that film. Psycho thrilled and also stunned the 1960 audiences through its story of theft and murder.

The frenetic stabbing murder of Janet Leigh together she showers, as well as the lurking mother and Norman"s ultimate change into her has made the breakthrough mental thriller a must-see also now.

Although some fans disagree, Psycho may fine be Hitchcock"s ideal work, coming at the finish of his gold era in the 1950s. Shot in gloomy black and also white, Psycho is still a tantalizing thriller

2 Star Wars: The force Awakens - Gravestone

The sight of cloaked Jedi grasp Luke Skywalker stand on a hill close to what appears to be a gravestone in 2015"s Star Wars: The force Awakens has already become a famous moment to pause at simply because of the unanswered inquiries it raises.

After landing the Millennium Falcon top top a deserted island, Rey, a brand-new recruit to the Resistance, find the Jedi master in order to begin her training. It"s a feast that a scene for fan thinkers everywhere.

Is the rock a man-made object or not? many fans believe that that is, i m sorry brings us to our next question: is the a gravestone? Again many fans think so, and likewise choose to believe that Rey is Luke"s daughter. So, if it is a gravestone and Rey is a Skywalker, that is possible that Luke"s wife-- and Rey"s mother-- is hidden there. This theory is a pan favorite, and perhaps further defines why Luke has actually been was standing on the island for so long.

The step is both beautiful shot and also full that emotion, and, with every one of its unanswered questions, it has left pan eager for the relax of Star Wars: The last Jedi.

1 signs - an initial Glimpse of The Monster

The first glimpse of the creature in 2002"s Signs comes and also goes in the blink of an eye. It had actually most fans getting to for the stop buttons in order to check that what they thought they"d viewed was true.

Some pan say it looks a tiny bit like a skinny man in a lizard suit, while others say that looks other worldly, and-- together with a the majority of aliens in old films-- it"s impossible to say even if it is "it" is good or evil.

M. Night Shyamalan is, come say the least, an erratic filmmaker. Part say as soon as he is good, the is very good. The problem with this, however, is that as soon as he is bad, he is awful.

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The quirkiness the this movie just around saves it, together a tiny family in Pennsylvania evil an alien invasion. However, the movie"s ending wherein an alien reflects up in the family"s living room is regularly mentioned as one of the worst endings ever.


Can girlfriend think of any kind of other movies with scenes that are so captivating and shocking you can"t aid but reach for the pause button? let us recognize in the comments!