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News: Bethel Music’s Amanda Lindsey chef Reveals definition Behind Cryptic society Media article with house On A Hill set to relax Mar. 29

Before the brand-new year, Bethel Music’s Amanda Lindsey chef reemerged to fans on society media after a lengthy hiatus, posting a handwritten note which defined the singer’s absence, hinting at brand-new music in the works. Today cook reveals the letter’s allusive an interpretation with the announce of she upcoming House ~ above A Hill, set to relax Mar. 29.

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“I think that really necessary to create rhythms the rest. There are some points that only actually ever before happen when we slow down long sufficient to be still and let everything record up to us. It’s the wound in us that wants to it is in healed that’s trying to record up,” stated Cook. “This record, in particular, come at a really crucial moment. One of my producer basically said to me, ‘I think you should write your method through it. I think you must sing your way through it.’”

“In the space, as soon as things were really tender and fragile, I believed it was necessary to keep friends close and also just produce a space that felt yes, really vulnerable and intimate,” mutual Cook. “I can’t yes, really wrap words roughly it. That was simply the heal that originates from being through people; being through friends; being known and also seen and also loved.”

Coincing with the announcement of the album, cook has exit a brand-new music video for the breathy yet emboldening track, “Awakening,” mirroring the singer’s own an individual journey throughout the make of the project.

Cook will kick off the relax of House on A Hill with four consecutive shows starting in new York, NY, close up door in Nashville, TN., the very place the job was birthed. Cook will then sign up with Hillsong united USA tourism 2019 ~ above the coast to shore trek in addition to worship leader Mack Brock. The tour will certainly make stops in major markets throughout the U.S. Consisting of Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Washington, DC and brand-new York, NY, transforming amphitheaters and also arenas transparent the nation into nights of worship. For tickets or more information go to www.amandalindseycook.com/events/.

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House ~ above A Hill is now obtainable for pre-order here.

House top top A Hill Album relax Shows:

March25 – new York, NY26 – Baltimore, MD27 – Columbus, OH28 – Nashville, TN

Hillsong unified USA tourism 2019:*all days subject come change

April25 – Austin, TX26 – Lubbock, TX27 – Houston, TX30 – Dallas, TX

May2 – Birmingham, AL3 – Atlanta, GA4 – Nashville, TN6 – Greenville, SC7 – Orlando, FL8 – fort Myers, FL9 – Miami, FL11 – Tampa, FL30 – Seattle, WA31 – Vancouver, BC

June1 – Portland, OR3 – Oakland, CA5 – ras Vegas, NV6 – Fresno, CA7 – san Diego, CA8 – Pheonix, CA10 – Ontario, CA11 – Los Angeles, CA22 – Denver, CO24 – Chicago, IL25 – grand Rapids, MI26 – Detroit, MI27 – Toronto, ON29 – Washington, DC

July1 – Boston, MA2 – brand-new York, NY