USB drives linked to the Fire TV are, according to Amazon, come be provided for save apps and games. This function was included to the Fire TV so that you deserve to store more apps 보다 the interior 8GB storage allows. There is, however, a large disappointing shortfall with this brand-new feature. You deserve to only move an app’s main papers to USB storage. An app’s “data” documents must continue to be on the Fire TV’s inner storage. Countless popular huge games choose GTA: mountain Andreas and also Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic store the vast majority of the game’s documents as “data”. This way these games basically cannot be moved to USB storage.

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To obtain an idea of exactly how much the an app can be relocated to USB storage, look in ~ the app’s “Size” value provided on the app’s detail/product page. The amount noted is usually just how much deserve to be moved to USB storage. For example, GTA: mountain Andreas perform a size of 77.2MB, which means the bulk of the game will continue to be on the Fire TV’s interior storage. NBA 2K15, ~ above the various other hand, lists a paper size that 1.8GB so you can be pretty certain that many of the app can be relocated to USB storage.

As for other supplies of USB storage, Amazon clearly states that “you cannot access any media the you side-loaded ~ above the USB device.” The good news is the Amazon is no going the end of their method to block apps native accessing USB exterior storage. Apps like Kodi and also VLC deserve to play media save on an attached external drive without any kind of issues. Files stored ~ above a USB journey attached come the Fire TV deserve to be discovered under the directory: /storage/extUsb/

USB Hubs

Amazon’s USB storage requirements state that the USB drive form must be a “Flash drive” and also that “external hard drives room not supported and also may result in inconsistent behavior.” the said, outside SSD and spinning disc difficult drives are detected and work v the Fire TV. However, the Fire TV’s USB port will not have the ability to power most exterior hard drives. To usage an exterior hard drive with the Fire TV, girlfriend will likely need to usage a powered USB hub if the difficult drive walk not have its very own power supply. Even 2.5 inch portable difficult drives, which normally do not require exterior power when supplied with a computer, can not be it is provided by the Fire TV’s USB port. Friend should additionally be mindful that spinning hard drives have substantially slower accessibility times compared to speed drives and SSDs. This method apps and also games save on spinning drives will likely load slower and also may stutter or freeze at times. Lastly, the Fire TV will certainly not spin down most exterior hard drives once idle. This is bad for the drive and will shorten the expectation of the drive. If you setup to usage a huge spinning journey to store media because that playback on the Fire TV, I indicate you rotate off the drive once it’s not in use. The slower access times and shortened lifespan room why Amazon is rightfully not officially sustaining or recommending the use of spinning exterior hard drives v the Fire TV.

Drive Format

Amazon officially recommends USB cd driver that space 128GB or smaller. However, the Fire TV will certainly detect and use drives that are larger than 128GB just fine. Ns personally linked a 1.5TB drive and also have read comments from civilization who have connected even larger drives. Also Amazon’s list of officially sustained USB drives includes a drive bigger than 128GB.

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Drive Speed

Amazon recommends high speed USB 3.0 drives because that use v the Fire TV. However, USB 2.0 drives occupational fine. The Fire TV has a USB 2.0 port, therefore you might wonder why Amazon recommends a USB 3.0 drive. It’s likely because USB 3.0 drives have tendency to have much faster read and write speeds 보다 USB 2.0 drives. This guarantee the bottleneck between the Fire TV and also the drive is the rate of the USB port and also not the speed of the drive.