space you having actually trouble utilizing Alexa? Is Alexa no responding to your commands? over there are various reasons why these issues occur. It’s possible the digital assistant has concerns recognizing your commands, there’s an concern with your web connection, or yes a young glitch on her Amazon Alexa-enabled device.

nevertheless of the cause, you might want to just fix the assistant and also get it working. There are actually several ways to get roughly Alexa issues, and also this overview covers several of those ways for you.

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Summon Alexa Clearly

one of the factors Alexa is not responding to your queries is that you’re no summoning it properly. You should say the correct wake up word come grab Alexa’s attention.

Also, when you’re call Alexa, there shouldn’t it is in too much noise around you as this can cause Alexa no to identify what you simply said.

Eliminate any type of unnecessary sounds, discover out the correct wake up word, and also then shot to speak to Alexa again. It should greet you with a message.

push the Microphone Button

any Amazon Echo uses a physical microphone button to rotate the mic on and off because that Alexa. If this switch is pressed, the mic is off and also this is probably the factor Alexa is no responding to your commands.

Enable mic top top the Amazon Echo
To confirm this is the case, there have to be a red light on her Echo describe the mic is rotate off. If this is certainly the case, press the physical mic button on the Echo and that should turn the mic on.

You can now speak to Alexa and it have to recognize your commands.

Restart the Alexa-Enabled Device

There space times once a boy glitch through your Alexa-enabled an equipment causes issues. It’s possible your Alexa is not responding since there’s an concern with her device. Luckily, you have the right to fix many minor relief by rebooting the device.

Restart the Alexa-enabled device
If you usage an Alexa an equipment that plugs right into a power socket, unplug the machine from the socket and let it it is in that method for about half a minute. Climate plug the maker back right into the strength socket and also the device will rotate on.

If you have is a battery-enabled Alexa device, eliminate the batteries from your maker to revolve the machine off. Wait because that about half a minute, and also then put the batteries earlier into the device. Revolve the an equipment on and it should work.

solve Your Wi-Fi Connection

In bespeak to effectively function, Alexa demands to connect to the internet. This method your Alexa an equipment should be connected to a trustworthy and energetic Wi-Fi connection. If your internet link has issues, that can reason Alexa not to respond to her commands.

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since this concern is not regarded Alexa, you’ll have to examine your internet connection from your computer system or one more device. If you can’t deal with the issue yourself, you might need to speak to your internet business provider.

as soon as your Wi-Fi link is fixed, affix Alexa to it if that isn’t currently connected. Then, say the Alexa wake up word and it have to respond.

adjust Alexa’s wake up Word

If you don’t currently know, you have the right to use multiple wake up words—but one in ~ a time—with Alexa. It’s possible someone has changed the wake up word for your Alexa, and also so Alexa is not responding to her commands.

these Alexa-supported wake words include: Amazon, Echo, Computer, and also Alexa.

To examine what wake word her Alexa maker uses, or to change the indigenous to her liking, follow these steps:

Change Alexa’s wake Word in the Amazon Alexa App

If you’ve set up the Amazon Alexa application on her smartphone for iOS or Android, the adhering to steps should help you readjust the Alexa wake word:

launch the Amazon Alexa application on her smartphone. madness Devices in ~ the bottom bar that the app. pick All Devices in ~ the peak of the adhering to screen. choose your Alexa maker from the perform on your screen. ~ above the maker screen, scroll under the General section. Here, tap the Wake Word option. choose your preferred wake word indigenous the list, and also then close the app.
Alexa wake up Word settings

Change Alexa’s wake Word on the Amazon Alexa Website

If you’d prefer an altering the Alexa wake word from the Amazon website, right here are the procedures to carry out so:

native the sidebar on the left, click the Settings option. ~ above the best pane, native under the Devices section, pick your Alexa device. Scroll under your device’s web page to the General section. Here, click the Wake Word option. choose a brand-new wake word indigenous the Alexa maker wake word dropdown menu. Then, click Save.

Change Alexa

Reset Alexa

If nobody of the techniques outlined over work because that you, you need to reset her Alexa-enabled maker and view if the helps fix the problem. Resetting your maker basically clears all your preferences from it, consisting of the connected Amazon account.

once the reset procedure has finished, you can re-configure your an equipment with your account.

Here"s just how to reset Alexa making use of the Alexa app on your smartphone:

open up the Amazon Alexa application on your phone. insanity the Devices option at the bottom bar the the app. insanity All Devices and also then pick your Alexa device from the list. her device’s settings food selection will open. Scroll down this menu and also tap Factory Reset. insanity Factory Reset again in the notice that shows up on your screen. your Alexa machine should begin to reset.
as soon as the an equipment is reset, re-configure it v your Amazon account. It should then work with her voice commands.

Multiple ways to deal with Alexa when It’s no Responding

If her Alexa device ever stops responding to her commands, there can be an worry either with your internet link or the Alexa device.

making use of the approaches outlined above, friend should be able to fix the issue and get your Alexa an equipment to work-related as it’s an alleged to.

8 common Amazon Alexa Issues and How to fix Them We"ll to mark some usual issues through Amazon"s assistant and how you can fix each one.

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