Jamie Dornan has experienced the good, the bad and the ugly when it concerns being a dad amid the recurring coronavirus pandemic.

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The Wild mountain Thyme actor, 38, opened up up on Wednesday's illustration of The Tonight present Starring Jimmy Fallon about increasing his three daughters — Dulcie, 7, Elva, 4, and also Amelia, 1½ — with wife Amelia Warner while quarantining in ~ home.

"It's been every encompassing, it's type of to be the agony and the ecstasy in the same period of time," stated Dornan.

The Fifty Shades of Grey star walk on come tell Fallon, 46, that quarantine has provided him and his mam "some the the most difficult days" they've ever before had as parents — but additionally some of your "most fun" days with each other as a family.

"Kids are amazing, 'cause they truly live in the moment," the explained. "So they're not concerned around what's happening and also why the civilization is the method it is at this age. You know, they're just, 'this is what we have now let's have fun.' therefore that's a good thing to be around."

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Back in May, Dornan revealed he was keeping busy in quarantine by play dress-up v his 3 girls.

"Dressing up through my daughters took a turn. Meet Jenny (with the blue hair). She's sweet," the Robin Hood star composed at the time alongside a snap of himself wearing a red dress, shining blue wig through pigtails and shiny snake-print heels.

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Ahead that his daughter Amelia's birth critical year, Dornan opened up ~ above Jimmy Kimmel Live! about whether or not he and his wife planned to have any more children.

"Part of me feels prefer to placed a cork in it after this," the joked. "But then, alternatively, ns feel like we do really great kids. Possibly we'll just — if mine wife's ready — perform it till we can't do it anymore."