Treaty of Tripoli

Ratified by starting Father and U.S. PRESIDENT man Adams and approved unanimously by the SenateTreaty of Tripoli, short article 11

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"Christianity no is, nor ever before was a component of the usual law."Thomas Jefferson

Founding Father, U.S. Vice PRESIDENT, U.S. GOVERNOR, government OFFICIAL, DIPLOMAT, U.S. Chairman (1743 - 1826)letter come Dr. Thomas Cooper, February 10, 1814


"Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and also unfits it because that every noble enterprise."James Madison

Founding Father, U.S. Chairman (1751 - 1836)Letter to william Bradford, April 1, 1774


"All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human being inventions, collection up to terrify and also enslave mankind, and monopolize power and also profit."Thomas Paine

Founding Father, JOURNALIST, INVENTOR (1737 - 1809)Excerpt from The period of Reason


"If i could develop that the basic government might ever be so administered regarding render the liberty the conscience insecure, ns beg you will certainly be persuaded, that no one would be much more zealous than myself to develop effectual barriers versus the horrors of spiritual tyranny, and every species of spiritual persecution."George Washington

Founding Father, U.S. PRESIDENT, general (1732 - 1799)Letter come the united Baptist chamber of Virginia, may 1789


"No spiritual doctrine chandelier be developed by law."Elbridge Gerry

Founding Father, Vice chairman of the United says (1744 - 1814)Annals of conference 1:729-731

"In every country and also in every age, the priest has actually been enemy to liberty. The is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for security to his own."Thomas Jefferson

Founding Father, U.S. Angry PRESIDENT, U.S. GOVERNOR, government OFFICIAL, DIPLOMAT, U.S. President (1743 - 1826)letter to Horatio G. Spafford, march 17, 1814

"Denominated a Deist, the reality of i m sorry I have actually never disputed, being conscious that i am no Christian."Ethan Allen

Founder of the State the Vermont, American revolutionary (1738 - 1789)Religion the the American Enlightenment

"No spiritual test shall ever before be required as a qualification to any kind of office or public trust under the joined States."The United claims Constitution

Article VI, paragraph III

"The civil rights of no one shall it is in abridged on account of religious belief or worship, no one shall any national faith be established, nor shall the full and equal legal rights of conscience it is in in any kind of manner or on any type of pretext infringed."James Madison

Founding Father, U.S. President (1751 - 1836)First federal Congress, congressional Register, June 8, 1789

"Of every the solution of religion that ever before were invented, there is no an ext derogatory come the Almighty, much more unedifying come man, more repugnant come reason, and more contradictory in itself 보다 this thing referred to as Christianity."Thomas Paine

Founding Father, JOURNALIST, INVENTOR (1737 - 1809)Excerpt indigenous The period of Reason

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"Of every the animosities which have existed amongst mankind, those which are brought about by difference of sentiments in religion show up to it is in the most inveterate and distressing, and also ought most to it is in deprecated."George Washington

Founding Father, U.S. PRESIDENT, general (1732 - 1799)Letter come Edward Newenham, October 20, 1792

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I have the right to only uncover so numerous quotes indigenous our establishing fathers and also other influential Americans as to how this country was plainly not founded on Christian beliefs or values! friend don"t need to take this website"s cited price quotes for that though; acquire out there, education yourself, and draw an educated conclusion on just how your country was really founded!