Supporters of president Trump face off with police during a “Stop the Steal” protest external of the Capitol structure in Washington D.C., January 6, 2021. (Stephanie Keith/Reuters)
The Capitol riot to be a wake-up call: We need to stop forsaking the virtues the republicanism and also demand sound judgment from our elected representatives.

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It is tough not to lose belief in our capacity for self-government in ~ times prefer these. As soon as the mob makes the worst type of headlines and also hack politicians spew falsehoods and cynical arguments to appease that is unfounded grievances, one cannot assist but question whether we’re up to the task. Yet it’s worth remembering the American self-government is designed to stop the whims and also ignorance of the lot from transferring the day.

Perhaps the violent eight on January 6 — and also those still to come — will remind us of the wisdom the the Founders held dear centuries ago: We space a republic, no a straight democracy, and also we’d finest act favor it.

We’ve all seen the disconcerting videos of deluded american verbally accosting political leaders in public. Prior to the violence in ~ the Capitol, councilor Mitt Romney that Utah was understood a “traitor” through soon-to-be insurrectionists at the airport and also on the plane en route to Washington. ~ the riot to be over and Congress had certified Joe Biden’s Electoral university victory, political leaders such together Senator lindsay Graham (R., S.C.) and also Representative Lou Correa (D., Calif.) were angrily confronted by trump card loyalists together they do their means home indigenous D.C. “No it’s no a democracy! This is a republic! This is a republic!” one male screamed in ~ Correa, reportedly unaware that the irony.

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As James Madison composed in Federalist No. 10, a republic is a type of government “in which the system of representation takes place.” Madison recounted how flawed “popular government” had proven historically: “The instability, injustice, and confusion introduced right into the publicly councils, have, in truth, to be the mortal conditions under which renowned governments have everywhere perished.” In lamenting the historical inability of famous governments to “break and control the violence the faction,” Madison held forth a republican type of representative federal government as a method to square the circle: without rebuking the basic logic of renowned sovereignty, a republic could introduce a bit of reasoned reflection right into the governing process, mitigating the dangerous famous passions that dominate purely democratic systems.