What an honor it wasto be invited to auditionon America's gained Talent the first three seasonsthe show aired! ultimately in 2008 i accepted and also was honored to be the very first sword swallower ever to carry out on America's got Talent in Season 3. Ns was told consistently by various other performers,"A sword swallower will never make the on America's acquired Talent!" yet I feel I required to in ~ least offer it a try. Finally on January 24, 2008I auditioned in ~ the Nashville TN auditions at the Doubletree Hotel in Nashville, whereby on February 28, 2008 ns went top top as one of 70 auditions inthe live Atlanta regional auditions (out of 28,000 auditions in the Southeast). Outout of those 70 auditions, only three acts to be selected to walk on to the las Vegas 4 minutes 1 Finals, and I was one of them. Wherein I was blessed toendupmaking it right into the height 50!In may of 2008, end 300 action from approximately the people were assembled because that the ras Vegas 4 minutes 1 FInals and also semi-finals for10 days. Because that my act, ns swallowed a curved sword, a flaming sword, and while swallowing a sword, ns passed 6 juggling clubs with my friend Ryan Bailey. Ns was eventually removed in theLas las vegas Quarter Finals at #42, yet I wasinvited to return as an alternating Wild Card. A few months later, after among the top 40 acts had actually to autumn out, ns was invite out come the live Finals in Hollywood, wherein Iwas eliminated again. End all, i was featued in 7 episodes in Season 3! What an honor and a blessing!After several other invitations, eight years later in 2016, ns was invited back to be on America's acquired Talent Season 11 in Pasadena, California, wherein I obtained 4 correctly votes, then on to Italy's version Tu Si Que Vales in Rome in October 2016, and also France's obtained Talent (La France a un Talent Incroyable) in Paris in 2017 amd Israel's obtained Talent in Tel Aviv Israel in October 2018. I've been blessed come be invited on several other acquired Talents - continue to be tuned to view if i canwork it into my schedule.

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America's acquired Talent Pasadena (2016)Swallow vehicle Axle, traction Nick Cannon inCar

On his return back to America's acquired Talentaudition inSeason 11 2016, Dan decided to push the envelope and also step it up a notch. At the Pasadena public Auditorium, Dan began by swallowinga 30 inch lengthy sword with no hands drop for a was standing ovation! Dan then topped the by swallowing an 8 lb car axle, leaving the judges and audience speechless! because that his finale, Dan attemptedsomething he had never done before on national TV - Danswallowed a knife attached to 2 straps and pulled a automobile he had actually never seen prior to - a 1974 Triumph Spitfire convertible command byhost Nick Cannon a full of 20feet using only the sword, his mouth and also stomach, and a many prayers andstamina!Dan was awarded 2 STANDING OVATIONS, and 4 yes VOTES native Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell who stated he love the act!This video has unable to do on to receive over 40MILLION views combined!

America's got Talent Atlanta (2008)Most attention Act!

This America's obtained Talent Season 3episode is a compilation that interviews and auditions native the Nashville audition and the Atlanta local audition.During the Atlanta audition, Dan receivedTWO standing OVATIONSand2 yes VOTES from Sharon Osbourneand Pers Morganwho claimed he love Dan's act!During Season 3, Dan and his audition were called "America's got Talent's many Dangerous Act" ~ above the this day Show, Jimmel Kimmel Live, entertain Tonight, and also other shows.This video has gone on to obtain over 21 Million views.

America"s got Talent las Vegas (2008)Flaming Sword and Curved Sword

On the Las las vegas Semi-FInals of America"s got Talent, Dan decided to press the envelope and also step it up a notch. At the Mirage Casino las Vegas on might 10, 2008, Dan swallowed a 30 inch long sword v blade engulfed in flames, climate a curved sword that required him to bend his body to the appropriate to accommodate the sword.For his finale, Dan swallowed a knife attached come a whip, climate juggled six juggling clubs v a juggling partner until his companion whipped the sword from his throat! Here"s the very first part of the episode. For part reason, America"s got Talent edited the end the whipping out of the knife finale while juggling, asNBC discovered it a little too excessive for your audiences. What perform YOU think?

France's acquired Talent Paris France (2017)Car Pull

In 2017, Dan was invite to perform on La France a un Incroyable Talent in Paris.Watch as judge Hélène Ségara pulls a knife from Dan's throat!Besides pulling hold David Ginola in a carfor this audition, Dan also had to find out to speak French!This illustration aired ~ above French channel M6 ~ above November 16, 2017.

Israel's acquired Talent, Tel Aviv Israel(2018-19)Car Pull

In 2018, Dan was invited to carry out on Israels obtained Talent in Tel Aviv Israel.Watch together judge Uri Gellerpulls a knife from Dan's throat!For his finale, Dan traction the TWOhosts, Asis andOfer Schecter throughout the stagein a rarely antique vintage1954 BMW Isetta.This episode 17 aired on Israeli TV channel Reshet 13on January 31, 2019to 8.7 million viewers.

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Australia's got Talent, Sydney(2020)Car Pull

In 2020, due to the fact that his mom prospered up in Sydney Australia in she childhood, Dan was invited to execute on Season 10 of Australia's acquired Talentin Sydney, Australia throughout the height of the CoronaVirus outbreak.Watch what wake up (pending!)For his finale, Dan traction hostRicki-Lee Coulter across the stagein a 1994 Mini Cooper Rover.This episode was filmed on in march 28, 2020, and also aired on Australian TV channelSeven Network to over 815,000viewers.

WHY go Dando it?TEDxMaastrichtDoing the Impossible, Cutting through Fear

For everyone that constantly asks "WHY go he carry out it?", the price is discovered in Dan's first TEDtalk at TEDxMaastricht Netherlands. In his an initial of many TED talks, Dandescribes his long journey from wimp to civilization record holder, coward come courageous, too much fears to excessive feats, loser come Ig Nobel compensation winner, and quitter to critical on America's acquired Talent.Check the end the surprise finishing with overwhelming response, and also see why this TED Talk has received over 1.5 MILLIONviews and is now interpreted into end 60 languages as the #8Most analyzed TED speak out of end 200,000 TED talks in the world!