elegant VanderWaal (left) and also The Clairvoyants (right) wait come hear organize Nick Cannon (center) announce the "America"s gained Talent" winner. (NBC)

Grace VanderWaal is the newest winner that “America’s obtained Talent.”

The 12 year-old ukulele sensation directly beat mentalist duo The Clairvoyants to snag the show’s $1 million grand prize Wednesday night.

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Grace — a pan favorite who Simon Cowell has referred to as “the following Taylor Swift” — instantly fell right into a crouched position and also began come openly weep when host Nick Cannon dubbed her name.

"How does that feel?” that asked her. "These room tears that joy, right?"

“Yes, that course," she replied in between sobs.

As part of her prize, grace will additionally headline an upcoming concert in ras Vegas.

The tween was one of ten acts who made it all the way to the finale.

The two-hour broadcast consisted of highlights from the show’s 11th season and performances by Il Divo, The Silhouettes and rock legend Stevie Nicks.

The Fleetwood Mac symbol revealed she is a fan of “Talent’s” 11th champion.

"I have actually been watching this display from the very beginning,” Nicks claimed after performing a stirring version of “Landslide.”

“I have to say (Grace) reminds me a the majority of me in a the majority of ways. We sing very similar. We prefer to it is in weird…and we favor to it is in a little different and not like anybody else."

“Grace is going come the top!”

Earlier in the evening, elegant reprised she audition song, a quirky initial tune titled “I Don’t understand My Name.”

Then it came time to reveal the outcomes of America’s vote.

Crooner Sal Valentinetti, contortionist Soffie Dossi, vocal quartet Linkin’ Bridge and also teen opera star Laura Bretan were every in the an initial group to be eliminated.

Other highlights native the evening consisted of Dorenbos and the Clairvoyants each performing stunning illusions v a tiny help native Paula Abdul.

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"America"s obtained Talent" will return in may 2017 ~ above NBC.

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