ZZ TOP's BILLY GIBBONS To organize 'America Salutes You: guitar Legends 4' top top AXS TV

May 8, 20210Comments


AXS TV celebrate America"s brave servicemen and women through a star-studded night of music in the 2020 concert event "America Salutes You: guitar Legends 4" on armed Forces Day, Saturday, might 15 at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT, as component of the network"s "Saturday Stack: etc Legends" lineup. This clues the fourth consecutive year the AXS TV has actually aired the event organized by America Salutes You, a non-profit foundation dedicated to the mental health and wellness the America"s veterans and also first-responders and specializing in benefit concerts for energetic military, veterans, first-responders, and also their families. The night"s charitable recipients encompass the Patriotic business Dog Foundation, TAPS, CreatiVets and also Veterans service Foundation, amongst others.

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"Guitar Legends 4" is when again held by six-string mastermind and ZZ TOP co-founder Billy Gibbons, that — in addition to his all-star band — anchors the proceedings from the FOO FIGHTERS" Studio 606 in Los Angeles. Authorized Gibbons essentially from locations throughout the country spanning native California to brand-new York, and also Nashville come Miami, is an impressive roster of jar pickers and also performers who generously donated your time. These include beloved chart-topper Kenny Loggins; BEACH BOYS legend Mike Love; nation music titans BIG & RICH; acclaimed bluesman Keb" Mo"; household duo BROTHERS OSBORNE; celebrity brother Michael and Kevin Bacon, better known as THE BACON BROTHERS; Latin legacy Julio Iglesias Jr.; Grammy-winning couple Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks; nation standout Ashley McBryde; Canadian emotion Lindsay Ell; and roots rock quartet LARKIN POE.

Airing automatically after "America Salutes You: guitar Legends 4" is a distinct encore broadcast of "AXS TV Presents: A Conversation with Jon Bon Jovi" in ~ 10:30 p.m. ET, an intimate interview where the BON JOVI frontman discusses his life, career, and the band"s recent album "2020"; adhered to by "On A Night choose This – Bon Jovi 2020" at 11 p.m. ET, which blends open minded backstage footage v insightful sit-downs as it catches the band performing your 2020 album in its whole for the very first time ever throughout a closed set in Nashville.

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