Six string superstars shine in celebrity benefit concert

AXS TV proudly gift the premiere of the star-studded advantage concert America Salutes You: etc Legends II, airing Sunday, march 24th in ~ 9 afternoon ET/6 afternoon PT. This marks the 2nd consecutive year that the network has served together the production partner and also cable house of the renowned concert. Guitar Legends II is the 3rd in a collection of events raising funds and awareness for charities committed to brain and psychological wellness that America’s veterans and first-responders, orchestrated by America Salutes you — a non-profit foundation specializing in advantage concerts for active military, veterans, and also their families. The night’s beneficiaries incorporate The Elizabeth Dole Foundation, The David Lynch Foundation, Headstrong, and also Entertainment markets Council.

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Filmed live at The Novo theater in Los Angeles ~ above December 2, 2018, America Salutes You: guitar Legends II captures an exceptional roster the six-string savants rocking out for an remarkable cause. The night consists of performances by lovely showman — and also AXS TV star — Sammy Hagar teaming up through Joe Bonamassa and The Doors’ own Robbie Krieger on The Doors’ struggle “Roadhouse Blues;” an all-star rendition that “Love The One you’re With,” featuring Krieger, ZZ height axeman Billy Gibbons, who is make rock and roll history sharing the stage for the an initial time with rock mainstay Stephen Stills, flexible virtuoso Orianthi, and also American Idol standout Haley Reinhart; and also Emily Estefan’s fierce rendition the “Black Magic Woman;” living Colour founder Vernon Reid blazing with the Jimi Hendrix staple “Crosstown Traffic;” and a roaring finale that finds the night’s performers collaborating top top the battle signature “Low Rider,” amongst many others. The concert likewise features appearances and also performances by Dave Navarro, and also Don Felder, all backed by the L.A. All-Stars Kenny Aronoff, Carmine Rojas, LaBamba, note Pender, Joe Sublett, Phil LoPresti, and music manager Martin Guigui. One-of-a-kind appearances likewise include Bob Saget and Lifetime success recipients Norman Lear and Joe Mantegna. As component of this premiere event, Pacific records is release a special compilation soundtrack highlighting the unforgettable evening’s finest moments.

“AXS TV is proud to continue our partnership v America Salutes You because that the second consecutive year,” states Evan Haiman, Vice chairman of Programming and advance at AXS TV. “Guitar Legends is a heartfelt salute to our men and women in uniform, placing the spotlight top top the crucial need for enhanced funds, awareness, and also programs design to help improve their mind and mental wellness. The is a true respect to be a part of that in any capacity. Us would also like to expand our many thanks to the Gibson guitar Team, i m sorry graciously allowed us to use their L.A.

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Showroom to movie interview segments. We space sincerely thankful to them for helping us make this night even an ext special.”

Since that is founding, AXS TV has established itself together the premier destination for standard rock content, moving an eclectic programming roster that contains original series such together The huge Interview v Dan Rather, Rock & role Road pilgrimage With Sammy Hagar, and Real Money, certification Eddie Money, as well as unprecedented music coverage, hard-hitting blended martial art events, and a slate the acclaimed documentaries and iconic concert from several of music’s most influential artists.

Buddy Iahn