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STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- an image of a Staten Island house Depot worker put on an anti-Trump hat went famous on the internet Wednesday, causing threats versus her life.

Krystal Lake, 22, that St. George, to be spotted attract the controversial hat throughout her Sunday morning change at residence Depot, located on forest Avenue in Mariners Harbor.

The phrasing, Lake said, was motivated by presidential candidate Donald Trump's slogan, "Make America great Again."

"The suggest of the hat was to say America needs an altering and improvement," Lake told the Advance. "I don't think it's a optimistic message come say, "Let's look to the past.'"

Lake stated she awoke Wednesday morning to a barrage of message messages, tweets and also phone calls native friends and also co-workers asking her if she had been checking she social media accounts.

"Everyone maintained asking me if i was on facebook or Twitter, which i hadn't been," she said, "and then ns saw how many human being were sharing and that it to be going viral.

Lake, a lifelong Staten Islander and student in ~ the college of Staten Island, claimed this was the very first and just time she had actually worn the cap to work, and that she was no reprimanded by any type of manager for the decision to wear it.

When got to by the development on Wednesday afternoon, home Depot spokesman Stephan Holmes stated Lake's post on her cap does not reflect the opinions of residence Depot.

"We appreciate and also understand the comes to of our faithful customers," he said. "In regards to the message, our associates room not allowed to undertake items that reflect political statements.

"Unfortunately, no one on our monitoring team saw her put on the hat -- otherwise, they would have had her remove it immediately."

Lake, a Bernie Sanders supporter, said she has seen various other employees wearing pro-Trump pins and pendants on their uniforms -- yet no one has ever told them no to undertake them.

"For the previous two months, there have actually been a couple of people I job-related with attract 'Vote because that Trump' pins on your uniforms," she said. "But no one ever says anything come them."

The spokesman added that management of the woodland Avenue store will be "following up v the matter to ensure the it will not take place again."

"I feel it offended a most people due to the fact that a most Trump pendant live in Staten Island," she said. "Trump is really rash and also in her face, yet when who else has a message against him, his pendant can't take it the criticisms."

"People have been saying really racist things to me and that they're going come come and find me," she said, "and the what I said is disgraceful and also I hate America -- but I don't dislike America.

"I understand there room a lot of of opportunities here," Lake added. "I simply wish we would certainly worry around making America better -- not 'great again.'"

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