What you must know prior to you go

Safety is our optimal priority. We"re likewise committed to providing a positive and dependable travel endure for all of our customers. Us hope this details will assist you prepare for her trip. We understand traveling have the right to be stressful, and we appreciate your patience and also courtesy.

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This indict is not intended to replace the conditions of carriage, i m sorry covers every one of your rights and responsibilities together a passenger.

Conditions the carriage

Your ticket

We offer 2 varieties of tickets – refundable and also non-refundable:

If girlfriend booked at the very least 2 days before departure, you can obtain a full refund within 24 hours from the time you bought your ticket, no matter if it"s refundable or non-refundable.

A refundable ticket enables you to change or publication your flight without a fee.A non-refundable ticket may cost less, yet if you need to make transforms you"ll be charged a change fee and also any distinction in fare. If you buy a an easy Economy fare, alters are no allowed.Checked bagsThis content deserve to be expanded

There is a fees to examine bags with some exceptions. Make sure to read our checked bag policy prior to you travel.

Checked bag policy

Basic EconomyThis content can be expanded

Our basic Economy fare is because that the no-frills, price-conscious traveler who desires to gain from suggest A to allude B together affordably as possible. This fare has a chair in the main Cabin however has some restrictions.

Basic economy rules

SeatsThis content can be expanded

For customers who don"t mind payment extra for more comfort, we sell Premium Economy, first and Business, as well as seats in the key Cabin with much more legroom and also Preferred seats which room favorably situated throughout the cabin but have conventional legroom.

Travel experience

Preparing come travel

Being ready is the best way to ensure smooth travel. Every plane is different, so do a small research if it"s your first time paris to or indigenous a city. You"ll require a valid picture ID accepted by the TSA (like a driver’s license or various other government-issued ID) for residential travel and a precious passport or visa, and any travel records required by your worldwide destination.

REAL IDThis content deserve to be expanded

Starting may 3, 2023, you’ll need a genuine ID-compliant driver’s license or other embraced ID, prefer a precious passport or U.S. Armed forces ID, to fly within the U.S. Real ID-compliant cards typically have a star at the top. If she unsure, contact your state driver’s license firm on exactly how to gain a real ID-compliant card.

TSA won’t allow you to pass through protection checkpoints in ~ the plane if her ID doesn’t comply.

REAL i would FAQsOpens another site in a new window that may not meet accessibility guidelines

TSA Secure flight informationThis content can be expanded

The TSA Secure trip program calls for us to collect this details when you publication including the:

Name together it appears on the government-issued id you take trip withDate the birth sex Redress Number (optional)

We might cancel your pilgrimage if we don"t have this details at least 72 hours prior to departure.

Checking inThis content have the right to be expanded

You can inspect in ~ above vxcialistoufjg.com and in the app beginning 24 hours before departure. Every airports have actually minimum check-in times. If you"re no checked in through the minimum check-in time, friend may lose your seat.

In most cities, you should be confirm in:

At least 45 minutes before scheduled departure, because that flights within the U.S.At least 60 minutes prior to scheduled departure, because that flights to or native airports external of the U.S.

Some airports call for you to examine in earlier.

Check-in and also arrival

Flight AlertsThis content have the right to be expanded

Know of any kind of changes, weather events and also other vital updates prior to you leave home.

Check for travel alerts that affect the cities in her trip.

Travel alerts

Sign up for trip status information like gates, delays, exit reminders and more.

Get trip status information

Download the American application to acquire real time updates around your travel. Plus, you have the right to watch free movies and TV reflects on board v the app. (Don"t forget her earphones.)

American airlines app

Carry-on bagsThis content have the right to be expanded

In general, you"re permitted 1 bag and 1 personal item:

Your bag must fit in the sizer in ~ the airport.Your personal item need to fit under the chair in prior of you.

In the event the bins are full and you have to gate-check a bag, put any fragile or valuable items like keys, medicine or computers in the an individual item you lug on the plane.

There are extr carry-on restrictions for certain aircraft and also airports.

Carry-on bags

Families travelingThis content deserve to be expanded

If she a family members traveling with kids under 15, and also do not already have seats assigned, our mechanism will find for seat together immediately before the job of departure. We’ll shot our finest to keep you together, however if seats are limited, we’ll assign seat so kids under 15 are alongside at the very least 1 adult.

Traveling v children and also infants

PetsThis content deserve to be expanded

We care about our four-legged customers too. Cat and small dogs deserve to travel in the cabin, yet they must stay in an authorized carrier that fits under the seat. Bigger dogs deserve to travel in the cargo host of some planes. Over there is a fee come travel through your pet.

Traveling with pets

Service animalsThis content deserve to be expanded

Service animals are welcome at no fee if they satisfy the requirements. The pet must right on your lap, at her feet or under your seat, and cannot block the aisle.

Emotional support pets require certain documentation; please evaluation the requirements before travel.

Service animals

Restricted itemsThis content have the right to be expanded

For everyone"s safety on board, some typical items are minimal by the TSA and also Fvxcialistoufjg.com. Be sure you know what friend can carry on and what friend can examine in your bags prior to you walk to the airport.

Hazardous materials

We don"t transfer hazardous materials, other than for small amounts of dry ice.

Restricted items


You can travel with weapons in checked bags only. Firearms must be asserted to an agent at check-in. There are various other rules that apply.


Overbooked flightsThis content can be expanded

On occasion, there are much more checked-in customers 보다 seats. Once this happens, our team gets affiliated as early as feasible to find volunteers to adjust flights in exchange for compensation.

When us don’t have sufficient volunteers, we have to select customers to adjust flights involuntarily, or deny boarding. If this happens, we"ll follow the DOT"s compensation rules and get those client on the next feasible flight. We will certainly not involuntarily eliminate a revenue passenger who has already boarded in order to offer a seat to one more passenger.

At the gate

You must be at the gate and also ready to plank the plane:

15 minutes prior to departure on residential flights 30 minutes prior to departure for global flights

Be sure to check your boarding happen for boarding times. If you"re not at the door in time, her seat might be provided to a standby passenger.

The doors near at least 10 minutes before departure. Once the door is shut, it will not be reopened uneven there is health, security or security issue.

BoardingThis content can be expanded

We plank in groups; examine your boarding happen for your boarding group. We offer beforehand boarding to client who need special assistance or an ext time come board, together with families with youngsters under 2 years that ask to board early.

StrollersThis content deserve to be expanded

Strollers have to be checked at the gate before boarding and picked up after your trip at the gate, free of charge.

WheelchairsThis content can be expanded

Wheelchairs have the right to be gate-checked and also picked increase after your flight at the gate, free of charge. We are obtainable to aid you to and from your seat when you inspect your wheelchair.

On the plane

Welcome aboard! something you lugged on need to fit in the overhead bins or under the chair in prior of you. If the bins are full or her bag is too large we"ll aid gate-check it. Musical instruments count as a carry-on and must fit safe in the bin, under the seat or in a closet (unless girlfriend paid because that an extra seat).

Have a nut allergy? Though we don"t offer peanuts, we execute serve food that might contain other species of nuts and customers may carry on peanuts. We"re can not to make one-of-a-kind accommodations or provide nut-free area on board, so we strongly encourage you to take it all necessary medical precautions before flying.

And finally, ours crewmembers are right here to ensure a safe and pleasant flying suffer for you and also everyone onboard her flight. Please let them understand if friend have any type of questions and also be certain to comply v their instructions, which space designed to save you and also everyone on plank safe and comfortable.

When girlfriend arrive

We expect you enjoyed your flight and look forward to see you again.

Need a receipt for an onboard purchase or to request a refund?

Receipts and also refunds

If your bag didn"t arrive with you or there"s damages to something girlfriend checked, please avoid by the baggage business office when you arrive. American’s client Baggage notification also alerts you shortly after showing up at her final destination if her bags didn’t make the airplane or were sent out ahead of you. To obtain alerts, you have the right to use the American airlines app, sign up for vxcialistoufjg.comdvantage or provide contact information throughout booking or check-in. You deserve to also document a report with us.

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Delayed or damaged bags

Have a compliment or desire to let united state know just how we can improve? We desire to hear native you.