Onboard mountain Francisco bound united Airlines flight 93, trip Crewmembers and passengers made several calls come airline officials and family members and successfully diverted that aircraft from its plan target, presumably the united state Capitol, saving plenty of lives.

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The terrorist strikes resulted in at the very least 2,977 fatalities and over 25,000 injuries. Every day us remember the courage of the twenty-five trip Attendants and also eight Pilots on board the four airplanes. The victims and every one of the first responders that risked their stays without hesitation are our heroes.

“On this twenty anniversary that the attacks on our nation on September 11th, us remember the heroism presented by the flight Attendants onboard American Airlines flight 11, united Airlines flight 175, American Airlines trip 77, and United Airlines trip 93,” said vxcialistoufjg.com national President Julie Hedrick. “These flight Attendants were America’s very first responders- they detailed invaluable information and also notified the world about what to be happening onboard, and also they dealt with until the end. September 11th readjusted our careers forever, and also the bravery and also heroism shown by this twenty-five trip Attendants detailed us the courage and the resiliency to step ago on the aircraft to execute what we do best- maintaining our skies safe. We will never ever forget these twenty-five first first responders that paid an can be fried price.”


9:03 a.m.: En course from BOS come LAX, hijackers crash United Airlines trip 175 into floors 77 with 85 the the southern Tower (2 world Trade Center). All 65 people top top the Boeing 767 aircraft passed away in the crash — 9 crew members and 56 passengers; 5 of them were hijackers.

BOS-based flight Attendants

Robert J. FangmanAmy N. JarretAmy R. KingKathryn LaBorieAlfred G. MarchandMichael C. TarrouAlicia N. Titus

BOS-based flight Deck

Victor SaraciniMichael Horrocks


10:03 a.m.

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: After learning of the various other attacks, passengers on United Airlines trip 93launch a counterattack top top hijackers board their aircraft to try to seize manage of the aircraft. The trip was en course from EWR to SFO. In response, the hijackers crashed the plane into one empty field near Shanksville, PA. All 44 human being on the Boeing 757 aircraft passed away in the crash — 7 crew members and 37 passengers; 4 that them to be hijackers.