ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – American airline announced Tuesday day-to-day nonstop flights between the Sunport and Austin-Bergstrom international Airport will begin in early 2022.

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The company will begin Jan. 4 as the 2nd daily company and 3rd airline offering straight flights in between Albuquerque and Austin.

“American’s entry into the Austin industry is a nod come our efforts to an increase tourism take trip to brand-new Mexico and our ever-expanding gateway come the world,” market Tim Keller said. “This brand-new service is welcome news come Albuquerque and also Austin-metro residents and further demonstrates our city’s expansion as a business and tourism destination.”

“This added service indigenous American airlines is a direct an answer to the continued return the the demand for travel,” Richard McCurley, Interim director of Aviation for the City that Albuquerque, said. “Austin has been among the emphasis cities for our nationwide Fly straight campaign, and this announcement is a testimony to that success.”


The flight will be activate by Envoy Airlines, American's local carrier. Tickets room on sale now and also can it is in purchased in ~ American Airlines' website.

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