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Composite Conference Schedule (PDF)IRVING, Texas – The American athletic Conference has actually announced that is 2020-21 men’s basketball conference schedule. For the very first time in conference history, the format is composed of a 20-game, twin round-robin conference schedule for each of The American’s 11 member institutions. The 2020-21 season will be The American’s very first under its 12-year media rights expansion with ESPN, i beg your pardon will permit for a minimum the 60 conference-controlled gamings to it is in televised on one of two people ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU or ABC. A minimum the 23 that those gamings will be on one of two people ESPN, ESPN2 or ABC. The American furthermore has secured a multi-year extension of the media rights covenant with CBS Sports, v the network maintaining an initial selection rights. Approximately 50 percent that The American’s men’s basketball slate will certainly be featured on direct television, including CBS, ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU. The continuing to be conference-controlled games will be on ESPN+, ESPN’s direct-to-consumer streaming organization which reaches much more than 10.3 million subscribers and also is easily accessible at For more information ~ above ESPN+, visit The American’s Fan overview to ESPN+. All games that room televised on an ESPN network will likewise be obtainable through the ESPN App, computers, smartphones, tablets and also streaming tools to fans who get their high-speed Internet connection or video clip subscription indigenous an affiliated service provider. CBS Sports’ transfer coverage will certainly be obtainable to present live via the CBS all Access subscription service. Conference play is slated to start Tuesday, Dec. 15, v Houston and Tulsa, which in addition to Cincinnati, tied because that last season’s continual season championship. The Cougars, picked together the preseason favorite this season, will host UCF, if the golden Hurricane will entertain Wichita State. Cincinnati plays in ~ Houston top top Saturday, Jan. 23, when the Cougars take trip to Fifth third Arena ~ above Sunday, Feb. 21. Houston will take trip to the conference’s preseason No. 2, Memphis, in that regular-season finale top top Saturday, in march 6 or Sunday, march 7. The American athletic Conference Men’s Basketball Championship will certainly take location March 11-14 at Dickies Arena in ft Worth, Texas. All gamings of the championship will be televised on either ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPNU, consisting of the championship last on ESPN. Game times and television information will it is in announced in ~ a later date.

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As television assignments are procured, there may be transforms to game dates.