By any type of measure, 1970 to be a high-water note for the grateful Dead. Hot on the heels of the tremendous success of Workingman’s Dead that summer, the band changed in the loss with the same stunning American Beauty. Those back-to-back classics not only presented songs that would certainly be a crucial part of the group’s live repertoire for decades, yet they also opened a gateway right into the world of the thankful Dead because that generations the Dead Heads. American Beauty will memory its 50th anniversary this year through two new releases.

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AMERICAN BEAUTY: 50th ANNIVERSARY VINYL picture DISC will be obtainable the exact same day. Produced in a limited edition that 15,000 copies, it consists of the freshly remastered variation of the initial album.
Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Ron “Pigpen” McKernan, Phil Lesh, bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart recorded American Beauty in August and also September 1970 at Wally Heider Studios in mountain Francisco with producer Stephen Quinn Barncard. As soon as they gone into the studio, Workingman’s Dead was tho on the charts walk strong. Together a fast follow-up ~ above studio albums was unheard of because that the band, and also a feat castle would never ever repeat. Equally shocking was the high level of craftsmanship displayed by brand-new songs like, “Friend of The Devil,” “Sugar Magnolia,” “Truckin’,” and also “Ripple.” Today, it’s still thought about to be among the best albums ever made.
“It tho boggles my mind to think the the thankful Dead"s an imaginative output in 1970. For any other band, recording lightning with an album together perfect and also excellent as Workingman"s Dead is a once-in-a-lifetime achievement. The Dead, however, followed up simply a few months later with an album that virtually every Dead Head considers the equal. Ten songs, nearly all of which ended up being cornerstones that the band"s live repertoire for the following 25 years. Today, 50 year on, these songs room still vital parts of the band members" continuing live activities,” claims David Lemieux, thankful Dead archivist and the set’s producer. “The 50th Anniversary luxurious Edition includes one of the first, and also best, live performances the 1971, simply a pair of months after the release of American Beauty, and the 5 live debuts in the show show that the spectacular imagination of 1970 was no fluke. This was the new Dead, and also we"re quiet tapping our feet and humming follow me to these song 50 years later.”
AMERICAN BEAUTY: 50th ANNIVERSARY luxurious EDITION includes the band’s previously unreleased live power from February 18, 1971 at the Capitol Theatre, among the many requested archival recordings in the Dead’s vault.
On stage that night, the Dead debuted a whole brand-new batch the songs, 5 in all: “Wharf Rat,” “Playing In The Band,” “Bertha,” “Greatest Story ever before Told” and “Loser.” pan were also treated to a couple of standbys native the vault decade, consisting of “St. Stephen” and also an motivated “Dark Star” jam the led into “Wharf Rat” and earlier to “Dark Star.” Notably, keyboardist Ned Lagin (who play piano on “Candyman” on American Beauty) sat in through the band for the show.

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In the set’s liner notes, So countless Roads author David Browne recounts the background surrounding the album and also dives deep into the making of this masterpiece. He writes: “American Beauty was, in ~ heart, a beautiful made record. The interplay of rippling piano, vocal harmonies, and also slide guitar in ‘Brokedown Palace’ was unlike anything castle had created before, even on Workingman’s Dead. Many thanks to Barncard’s specialization with recording acoustic instruments, ‘Ripple,’ possibly Hunter and Garcia’s many meditative song, had actually a country-stream clarity. ‘Friend the The Devil’—a Hunter, Garcia, and also John “Marmaduke” Dawson tale of an on-the-run rogue that virtually ended up with Dawson’s brand-new Riders that The violet Sage—had the same crispiness. (Both tracks also benefited native overdubbed mandolin components from David Grisman.)”
An exclusive heat of American Beauty merchandise also launched this day at including a Levi’s vintage trucker jacket, sterling silver- ring, vintage matchstick tin, crew sweatshirt, and also a numbered, minimal edition print by Liane Plant.