Weiner of ours Discontent
Season 4, episode 18
Airdate might 3, 2009
Written by
Directed by
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American Dad — Season Four

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Weiner of our Discontent is the eighteenth episode of the fourth season that American Dad, and also the seventy-sixth episode overall.


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3 Arc Advancement4 Trivia

Plot Overview

Stan is fed up through Roger constantly bragging about himself gift the most essential person top top the Planet.So fed up the he calls him a large phony.Roger reacts really calm,and the intends come proves come Stan the he is the Decider(one that was sent out to earth to decision whether,or not the occupants of Planet earth should continue to exist,or not).Roger take away Stan come a location where he has actually stored his Spaceship,in a warehouse Unit paris by air.Meanwhile at his School,Steve insults his girlfriend Toshi,and because of this is an obstacle to a Contest.The challenge will recognize who will certainly eat having lunch at a different hour(so that neither would have to eat through one-another).Steve is to concerned Toshi"s house later in the day to choose what contest to compete.Stan,and i get it arrive in ~ the ar where his Spaceship is.During the time they to be flying,Stan constantly mocks Roger.Having arrived on the place,the warehouse Unit,Roger opens up the storage Unit,and upon see the Spaceship,Stan stop mocking that Roger.Roger who was calm during the mocking is now somewhat calm however peeved in ~ Stan"s doubting,and is around to send a message to his residence Planet to have earth destroyed.As that is pushing the Buttons on the Controls nothing happens.Stan climate notices a keep in mind taped to Rogers Ship.The note says that the Spaceship is an experimental Spaceship provided to test safety and security Features.It likewise says the the extraterrestrial within(Roger) is actually a Crash test Dummy who they assume would be killed on impact.This news shocks Roger,and causes Stan come laugh,and laugh continously,throughout the airplane ride ago Home.Back in Landley,Steve through his friends,Snot,and Barry come at Toshi"s home for Steve to select the challenge which would take location a Month from the day.Steve chooses,and the choice is a warm Dog eating Contest.Steve is worried the he would not be able to beat Toshi(Toshi is an experienced hot Dog eater,and winner.While at the Smith residence where Roger,and Stan arrive,Roger operation inside,and right into his Attic,Stan tells Francine the news that Roger only being a test Dummy.Roger so uncomfortable at finding the end that that is only a Test alien Dummy the he remains in his Room for two Months.He finally comes the end of his Attic,still emotion down.Francine,and Hayley encourage the to gain a Job,and make something the end of himself.Roger understands this(incorrectly) together a authorize for the to acquire a Job,where he will certainly decide on matters.He it s okay a task at a Food Company.One day his fellow Co-Worker asks him to dispose of some tainted Weiners.Roger thinks that this is a authorize for him be The Decider.This inspires that to decide to hide the negative Weiners.Thus,it also inspires him come brag again about being The Decider.He tells Stan about the bad Hot Dogs(which he was mean to destroy),and that he has actually hidden lock in the one ar where Stan would never ever look to uncover them.The following thing us know,Roger is trying to stop Stan from looking in the one ar Roger says he would"nt find them...The Refigerator.They look,and to both your surprises,the deadly Weiners space not there.Roger tries to numbers where the fatal Weiners are.Klaus informs them that Francine take it them to Toshi"s home for the contest that Steve is having actually with Toshi.Stan,and Roger race over come Toshi"s House,and to their relief,the Tainted,yet deadly Weiners were no used.The two friends room safe.As for the deadly Weiners they space still spend by Pigeons,and the last explodes.


This episode gives us another piece that information around Roger.For 60-years he really assumed that he to be The Decider of Mankinds fate,only to discover that he was a Crash test Dummy.

Arc Advancement


Flashbacks display Roger acting choose a Bigshot to various civilization in different Decades.


Stan,Francine,Hayley,Steve,Roger,Klaus,Snot,Barry,Toshi,Toshi"s Sister,Toshi"s Mother,and the warehouse Unit Man.


Roger mentioning his purpose in coming to Earth.


The first,or 2nd appearance that Toshi"s Sister,and Mother.

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The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

Stan"s continued laughter after discovering of Roger"s real function on comes to Earth.Toshi"s sister slapping Steve.The birds exploding after eat the death Weiners.


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