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Let’s begin by acknowledging there’s a bit of an enig to credit transaction card limits.

Issuers typically do not divulge the selection of credit limits they extend to customers. However, girlfriend may be able to coax a customer company representative right into telling you about the highest possible credit limit they’ve viewed on one account. Cardholders also sometimes share stories in virtual forums around the dimension of their credit transaction lines.

Generally speaking, however, if you desire to apply for a card through a high credit limit, your ideal bets will be premium rewards cards and business credit transaction cards, i beg your pardon may be able to offer outsize credit transaction lines based on your company’s security needs.

A good rule of ignorance is that any card with several benefits or considerable minimum spending requirements will likely come with a potentially high credit transaction limit. Friend can also look come cards that bring Visa Infiniteor Mastercard civilization Elite branding or cards v no preset spending limits.

As always, check out our best credit cards and best rewards credit transaction cards for much more information. In the meantime, here’s what rather you need to know about the finest credit cards v the highest limits.

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Best credit transaction cards v high boundaries in 2021

The details for the Citi Prestige has actually been built up independently by The clues Guy. The card details ~ above this page have not been reviewed or detailed by the map issuer.

Chase Sapphire wanted Card

(Photo by man Gribben because that The points Guy)

Highest reported credit transaction limit: $500,000, according to Quora (although a $50,000 limit seems an ext likely). Together a Visa Signature card, the minimum credit limit you can have is apparently $5,000.

Sign-up bonus: knife 60,000 bonus points ~ you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first three month from account opening.

Rewards: Earn 5 points per dollar ~ above Lyft rides through March 2022, 5 points per dollar ~ above travel when booked with the chase Ultimate Rewards portal (and 2 points per dollar on take trip booked external the portal) and also 3 points per dollar top top dining, select streaming services and online grocery store purchases (excluding Walmart and also Target). You’ll earn 1 suggest per dollar on all various other purchases.

Benefits: The chase Sapphire preferred Card comes loaded v travel perks, including an yearly $50 hotel credit transaction (to be used through the Chase travel portal), primary automobile rental insurance, trip hold-up insurance, pilgrimage cancellation/interruption insurance and baggage hold-up insurance.

Annual fee:$95.

Official applications link: chase Sapphire wanted Card

Chase Sapphire Reserve

(Photo by Wyatt Smith/The point out Guy)

Highest reported credit transaction limit: $80,000, follow to a article on the myFICO forums. Together a Visa infinite card, your limit will apparently be $10,000 at a minimum.

Sign-up bonus: Earn 50,000 ultimate Rewards points after you invest $4,000 on to buy in the very first three months of account opening.

Rewards: earn 3 can be fried Rewards points every dollar on take trip (after the $300 travel credit is exhausted) and dining, 10 points per dollar on follow Dining booked v Ultimate Rewards, 10 points every dollar ~ above hotel and also car rental appointments through the ultimate Rewards take trip portal, 5 points every dollar ~ above airline travel booked with theUltimate Rewards travel portal and also 1 point per disagreement on everything else. You’ll also earn 10 points every dollar top top Lyft rides with March 2022.

Benefits:The travel benefits are top-notch, consisting of a $300 annual travel credit, Priority pass lounge accessibility and reimbursement because that the worldwide Entry or TSA PreCheck applications fee. Enrollment is compelled for select benefits.

Annual fee: $550.

Official applications link: follow Sapphire Reserve

Capital One venture Rewards credit Card

(Photo by Wyatt Smith/The point out Guy)

Highest reported credit limit: $58,000, according to a member ~ above the myFICO forums. This is one more Visa Signature card, therefore the minimum credit limit is reportedly $5,000.

Sign-up bonus: earn 60,000 bonus miles after you spend $3,000 ~ above purchases within the very first three months of account opening.

Rewards: earn 2 miles every dollar on every purchase.

Benefits: Visa Signature travel benefits encompass travel accident insurance, lost luggage reimbursement and secondary auto rental coverage. You’ll also get prolonged warranty protection and also purchase security, i m sorry replaces, repair or reimburses you for purchases in the occasion of theft or damage within 90 days of the purchase date, up to $500 every claim and $50,000 per cardholder. Benefits space only available to accounts approved for the Visa Signature card. State apply.

Annual fee: $95.

Official applications link: resources One endeavor Rewards credit transaction Card

Capital One venture X Rewards credit transaction Card

(Photo by john Gribben for The clues Guy)

Highest reported credit limit: This map is still reasonably new, so account from cardholders are limited. However, the minimum credit limit must be roughly $10,000 because it’s an additional Visa Infinite, v the possibility of much higher dollar amounts. Numerous TPG staffers have reported receiving credit boundaries of $30,000 v their new cards.

Sign-up bonus: earn 100,000 bonus mile after you spend $10,000 ~ above purchases in ~ the an initial six month of account opening. Plus, for a restricted time, cardholders can acquire up come $200 in explain credits for vacation rental purchases like Airbnb and also Vrbo charged to your account in ~ the very first year.

Rewards: earn 10 miles every dollar ~ above hotels and car rentals booked via resources One Travel, 5 miles every dollar ~ above flights booked via capital One Travel and 2 miles per dollar on whatever else.

Benefits: The card offers members up to $300 back in statement credits each year for appointments made through capital One Travel and also 10,000 bonus mile every account anniversary, starting on their an initial anniversary (worth $100 toward travel, or $185 by our valuation). Free access because that cardholders, authorized users and also up to 2 guests per visit to resources One Lounges and much more than 1,300 Priority pass lounges worldwide. Cardholders are also eligible for as much as $100 in declare credits because that either a TSA PreCheck or global Entry application when every 4 years. The card likewise includes good purchase and also travel protections.

Annual fee: $395.

Official applications link: resources One venture X Rewards credit transaction Card

Delta SkyMiles® yellow American refer Card

(Photo by Wyatt Smith/The clues Guy)

Highest reported credit limit:$50,000, follow to a article on the myFICO forums.

Welcome offer: knife 40,000 bonus mile after spending $1,000 in purchases on your new card in the very first three months of map membership. Plus, earn as much as $50 earlier in explain credits because that eligible purchases in ~ U.S. Restaurants within the very first three month of card membership.

Rewards: knife 2 miles every dollar on Delta purchases and also at restaurants and also U.S. Supermarkets, and 1 mile every dollar on other eligible purchases.

Benefits: gain priority boarding, a first bag checked complimentary on Delta flights, no foreign transaction fees (see rates and fees) and 20% save on inflight purchases. You’ll likewise get a $100 Delta trip credit after ~ you invest $10,000 in a calendar year.

Annual fee: $0 introductory annual fee for the an initial year, then $99 (see rates and fees).

Official application link: Delta SkyMiles Gold® American express Card

Citi Prestige® Card

(Photo by man Gribben because that The clues Guy)

Highest reported credit limit: $92,000, according to a write-up on the myFICO forums.

Sign-up bonus: This map is right now unavailable to brand-new applicants.

Rewards: knife 5 points every dollar ~ above dining at restaurants and also air travel, 3 points every dollar in ~ hotels and also cruise lines and also 1 point per dollar everywhere else.

Benefits: The most rewarding of the countless perks this card uses is that is fourth-night-free benefit. Citi will provide you the fourth night of your continue to be gratis in ~ virtually any hotel as soon as booking v the Citi ThankYou portal (up to double per year). The price is based upon your median night stay and doesn’t include taxes and fees. You’ll additionally receive an annual $250 take trip credit, a $100 worldwide Entry creditandPriority pass lounge access. Enrollment is forced for choose benefits.

Annual fee: $495.

Read our complete review the the Citi Prestige.

What is a high credit limit?

Your an interpretation of a high credit limit might vary. If you’re beginning with credit, a couple of hundred come a couple of thousand dollars may seem favor a huge credit line. An ext experienced individuals would specify a high credit limit together one the exceeds tens of countless dollars.

Let’s examine mean credit limits, though. The consumer Financial defense Bureau reported typical credit lines every account broken down through FICO score range. Here’s what the firm found:

Credit categoryCredit score rangeAverage credit line
Super prime720-850About $10,000
Prime660-719Less than $6,000
Near prime620-659About $3,000
Subprime580-619About $2,000

Any credit transaction line greater than $10,000 is considered above average for consumers with the best credit scores. Again, whether $10,000 is a high limit really counts on your financial photo and needs.

How to acquire a high credit limit

How issuers recognize credit boundaries is proprietary, back some market guidance.

American Express says it takes right into account “The customer’s all at once level the debt family member to their financial resources known to us. Also, we look at a variety of factors that make up a customer’s overall credit profile, which includes, among other things, your credit transaction bureau reports and also scores at the time you apply, payment history (if any) v American Express, report income and also usage habits (if known).”

Discover states your credit score is important, but “a high score alone does not necessarily insurance a particular credit border or also card approval.”

Issuers will likewise look at your income, monthly expenses, payment background and credit transaction utilization. Your age and also location can likewise be factors.

Why you can want a high credit limit

There space two key reasons to look for a credit card through a high limit.

If you placed as many of your monthly costs on a credit card as you can (which you should so you can earn the rewards — responsibly, that course) and you have actually many prices that you have the right to pay turn off each month, you must look to a high-limit card. 2nd — and this actually works in tandem v the very first reason — gaining a high-limit card could potentially aid your credit score.

Credit utilization, one of the things mentioned over that influences issuers’ decisions on how large your credit line will certainly be, is a substantial factor in your credit score. The less credit you use as a portion of the overall line of credit accessible to you, the lower your utilization and also the higher that must push her score. Qualify because that a huge credit line and use only a small part of it every month, and also that could rise your score.

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No-preset-limit cards

(Photo by Wyatt Smith/The clues Guy)

As previously mentioned, part cards don’t have any type of preset spending limits. Part Amex-branded cards, consisting of The Platinum Card® indigenous American Express, the American Express® gold Cardand the American Express® eco-friendly Card, fall under this category. With these cards, her transactions are approved on a case-by-case basis (based on components such as your purchase, payment and credit history), which in practice method that you could get a much larger credit line than v your average credit card.

The information for the Amex environment-friendly Card has been accumulated independently by The points Guy. The card details on this page have actually not to be reviewed or provided by the map issuer.

For instance, together you can tell native above, it’s not simple to get approved for a single personal card through a $100,000 credit limit. Still, numerous businesses can charge much more each month come The service Platinum Card® native American Express because it has no preset limit.

Amex also allows eligible cardholders to pay eligible charges incrementally through the Pay over time program, however there is a limit for this and the fees space usually high.

Bottom line

If you have actually a solid credit score and can show steady income, you can have a good shot in ~ earning an above-average credit transaction limit on your following credit card — specifically if you’re willing to salary a sizable annual fee. You could not be able to get a great feel for your particular limit prior to you apply. However, also if her initial credit line on a new card is no high sufficient for your needs, friend may be able to get a credit limit increase over time by making use of your credit responsibly. It may also sometimes be feasible to go over your credit transaction limit, but that generally has an adverse consequences, therefore it’s finest avoided.

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For rates and also fees of the Delta SkyMiles gold American to express Card, click here.