A California family’s expedition to Mexico reportedly turned into tragedy once the couple and their 3-year-old son were uncovered dead in one Airbnb apartment — ~ an evident gas leak.

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Jose Nunez Jr., his wife, Maria, and also their son Jayden, who were visiting family members in Mexico, were all discovered dead in the exact same room in ~ the Airbnb, according to WSFA.

Trini Jacobo, the father’s aunt, said that other family members continuing to be at the Airbnb were unharmed.

“They’re still in Mexico and also they’re going to be performing an autopsy and also definitely acquiring to the source of what caused their deaths. For this reason we’re not sure about any specifics in ~ this time,” Jacobo said KBAK.

“We’re no worried around anything else ideal now, we desire our loved ones ago in the States. We want to recognize what happened to them, that course, however … ideal now, we’re focused on acquiring Jose, Maria and also Jayden home,” she added.

Jose Nunez Jr. (top), his wife, Maria Nunez (bottom), and also their 3-year-old child Jayden were visiting family members in Mexico as soon as they were found dead in an Airbnb.Gofundme

The couple left behind four other children, according to the reports.

“Just a really great family. Both of castle are really family-oriented. Jose is probably — honestly, no just because he’s my nephew — but he’s among the ideal dads ns know,” Jacobo said. “In love v his family. He’s always hugging them, constantly holding them.”

A GoFundMe account set up to raise money to cover the expense of gaining the three bodies back to the united state for a proper burial.GoFundMe

A GoFundMe account set up to help raise money toward the cost of transportation and funerals has actually raised virtually $12,000.

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Police are still investigating the incident and also plan to carry out autopsies to number out the reason of death. Gofundme

In a statement, Airbnb dubbed the occurrence a “horrific tragedy.”

“The think of our team are with the Nunez children and also the entire extended family as castle grieve the casualty of Jose, Maria and Jayden. Safety and security is in ~ the heart of everything we perform at Airbnb, and we are conducting a comprehensive investigation into what happened,” that said.