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High high quality American Flags – proud Made in the USA through Gettysburg Flag Works

While you deserve to buy one American flag in plenty of places, every flags space not developed equal. At Gettysburg Flag Works, every our American flags room proudly made in the USA v care. This helps to support our economy, keeps jobs below in the joined States, and also ensures the your American flag is the the greatest quality.

At Gettysburg Flag Works, we bring a wide variety of American flags and banners in various sizes, styles and also materials. No matter what type of American flag you"re looking for, we can aid you discover it!

Need a finish American Flag set for your home? check out our Worry-Free American flag sets. Each collection comes finish with a pole and also bracket. Trying to find a sturdy American flag come fly outside your business? our All-Weather Nylon American Flag can be a good option because that you!

When that is time come decide whereby to buy your next American flag, us hope that you choose Gettysburg Flag Works. V over 20 years in the industry, us are specialists in every little thing American flag related, and can even help you with your flag etiquette and also half-staff days. Authorize up because that our complimentary half-staff email notifications and you too deserve to lower her American flag at every the appropriate times.

Wondering What form of American Flag product Is ideal For You?

With so countless flag types and products available, it can be tough to know which choice is best. In the video below, we testimonial some the the most typical American flag products so you can pick the choice that"s best for you.

Nylon American Flags

Nylon American flags space the most usual outdoor American flag on the market. They are durable and lightweight. The nylon flags sold at Gettysburg Flag Works, are all sewn through a lock-stitch (not a chain stitch, which comes unraveled), and have embroidered stars (or applique stars on flags that space 8’x12" and also larger). Our nylon resists fading and has extra stitching rows ~ above the fly finish for added durability. They are accessible with classic grommets or as an American flag banner with a sleeve because that mounting.

Interested in to buy a nylon American flag? Shop our fight Tough American Flag - the longest lasting nylon flag top top the market, and also best offering All-Weather Nylon American Flag and also be sure to inspect out our

Two-Ply Polyester Flags

Two-ply polyester American flags space made making use of a very heavy-duty poly material, i beg your pardon has dual the thread, making that the strongest outdoor American flag available. Choose the nylon American flag, it has actually lock-stitched stripes and also embroidered or applique stars. The two-ply polyester American flags execute require more heavier wind to fly, but also tend to outlast the nylon since of your durability. Obtainable with grommets for mounting or together an American flag banner v a sleeve.

Shop our Two-ply heavy duty polyester American flags here!

Cotton Flags

Cotton American flags are produced use indoors, under cover, or during fair weather days. They space also an excellent for reenactments, as they are an authentic flag materials. Cotton is a beautiful fabric yet not as sturdy as today"s man-made flags. When you to buy American flag for under your porch or overhang, noodle is a lovely option.

Browse our an option of cotton American flags here.


American Flag Banners

An American flag banner is a form of flag which has actually a sleeve because that mounting ~ above a pole. This sleeve slides over the pole and fastens v a switch hole come the peak of the pole. This layout is provided for residence flagpoles on the prior porch or because that indoor presentation sets.

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Our American flag banners also come in a selection of sizes, styles and materials. Browse them here!

Ready to buy a brand new American flag?

Shop our broad choice of high top quality American flags made right here in the USA!

Wondering i beg your pardon flag is right for you? have actually questions about American flag materials? offer us a contact at 1-888-697-3524 or contact us online and we"d it is in happy to aid you!