The flag-ripping occurrence was caught on video, yet as always there was an ext to the story 보다 met the eye.

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Published9 January 2019

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On 29 December 2018, a on facebook user posted a video showing a team of Muslims take it up a U.S. Flag top top a street in new York City, saying, “This is not just how you act the flag the a country that has accepted you and also helped you. This is no in Iran, this is in new York”:

The Facebook article correctly stated that this video clip was filmed in brand-new York and not Iran, yet it fail to mention the video clip is fine over a te old.

This video clip was shooting in 2005 and shows members the the “Islamic Thinkers Society” desecrating one American flag throughout a rally in brand-new York City. The group said the event was organized in response to reports that U. S. Officials to be desecrating Qurans while interrogating detainees at Guantanamo Bay. The New York Times report of the team that:

The young Muslim men, with beards and bullhorns, job-related the highways of Jackson Heights on the weekends. They surface ar at parades and protests roughly the city, loudly advertising America the enemy and advocating because that an Islamic state. Several weeks ago, they publicly tore increase an American flag as payback because that the reported desecration of the Koran at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. Their own videos that violence versus Muslims, one v the title “Muslim Massacres,” have recently showed up on kings Public Television.

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In a blog post posted to the Islamic group’s website in June 2005, they described their thinking for ripping up one American flag and provided that your actions were defended by the U.S. Constitution:

This is the video clip clip of the desecration that the American Flag. In this video, us Muslims stepped on and tore up the American flag in response to the desecration that the holy Qur’an. We additionally did it to prove that our loyalty does not belong to this flag. This flag represents a kind of neo-idolatry where people live and also die for this piece of cloth. This flag likewise represents oppression, not just in the Muslim world, but additionally other components of the people which includes however not restricted to southern America, Vietnam, Japan & Africa. We would like to clarify that us DID no BURN THE FLAG together the rumors say. Rather, we stepped on it and ripped it. The video clip is evident of that. What we did was totally legal and also protected by the American constitutional Amendment.