In all history, this is the an initial time that an allied headquarters has been set up in peace, to preserve the peace and also not to wage war.

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A distinguished military record, merged with his an excellent working relationships with numerous of the european leaders, make Eisenhower the ideal selection for the place of SACEUR. Eisenhower thought about it the most necessary military task in the world and took a leaving of lack as chairman of Columbia university to head the fledging Alliance.

Eisenhower to be keenly conscious of the rather distinct position that he remained in as the very first SACEUR and indeed’s just leader until Lord Ismay to be appointed Secretary general in April 1952. That felt the unity as a key guiding principle must start through his staff. The insisted that officers can not stand for their national ministries if appointed to shape staff positions. Later, this principle also became a an essential requirement for civilian global Staff appointments at Headquarters.


Eisenhower set about ~ above a tour of the European capitals in January 1951 to raise morale and convince the war weary countries that bolstering your defenses was necessary. It was not simple task. The europeans felt that the contract ensured that the USA would not desert them. They understood the risk of the American atomic bomb sufficient to deter the Soviet Union. Therefore, it was not crucial to build up european ground stamin as the would do nothing in the challenge of atom war and would just provoke the Soviets.

Following the tour, Eisenhower speak to the American congress in which he convinced the USA the it was no going to be exclusively responsible for defending Europe nor would certainly it expense an excessive amount the money or troops to carry out so. Europe would certainly feel an ext confident in the rearmament process if the USA would reciprocally placed forward that is commitments. The speech was reputed a remarkable success. Former doubters of in the American federal government said the they had actually been persuaded. Shortly after, Congress authorized the dispatch offour divisions. Low grade Allied commands were collection up in three crucial geographical locations – North, Centre, and South.

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Throughout his tenure, Eisenhower brought out substantial correspondence through American politicians, businessmen, and also publishers in addition to europe leaders. Eisenhower believed that building support because that was the vital objective and carried out constant trips come capitals, conference not just with political leaders but additionally civil society, academics, profession union leader etc. Numerous of the incoming letters from the United states urged the to run for the presidency but his an answer was always to ask the sender to spread out the word around only collective security could help the unified States and Europe attend to the Soviet Union.


Eisenhower was keenly mindful the January 1952 conference of the north Atlantic council in Lisbon to be the vital turning suggest in his endeavours. He deemed it a success together the Council collection ambitious force goals (although they fell short of what Eisenhower self set), authorized the contribution of West German divisions, and welcomed Greece and also Turkey as brand-new members that Morale was at much higher levels 보다 one year previous. Eisenhower had managed to rather efficiently promote the idea that cost-free men must and can defend themselves against their adversaries.

Considering his job complete of laying the groundwork for what has proven to it is in an finishing political military alliance, Eisenhower stepped down as SACEUR top top 31 may 1952 come launch his successful campaign for the American presidency.