Ladies and gentlemen, we lastly have our season 10 American Idol winner! After end 122 million votesbeing cast, Scotty McCreery to be crowned this season’s American Idol.

I have to say that i was no shocked through this one bit. Ns figured the overpraising the Lauren Alaina duringTuesday night’sperformance show would cause a Scotty win, just based upon how things have actually happened due to the fact that season seven. David Archuleta, Adam Lambert, and Crystal Bowersox were every basically understood the winner of their particular seasons during their final performance night, only to it is in revealed together the runner-up.

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I think as soon as you obtain to the final 2 top top Idol, it reflects that those contestants worthy to it is in there. Or at the very least the their pan really desire them there. Hats turn off to both Scotty and Lauren, yet truth be told, I assumed the right human won.

That said, I likewise thought Tuesday night’s performance show was the most boring Idol episode of the season. I preferred both Scotty and Lauren’s personal choices, wasn’t crazy about either of their second songs, and I can only roll my eye at the songs picked to be their singles. Of food they were going come be nation songs, that i knew, yet oh goodness, this songs space cheesy. Scotty’s “I Love you This Big” reminds me that a location of a children’s book. And Lauren’s “Like My mother Does” to be a track the can also be uncovered on season 7 Idol contestant Kristy Lee Cook’s fail whale of an album, Why Wait.

I acquire that the contestants are an alleged to have actually these end the peak moments through their corronation song, but if the suggest is to offer these songs, then ns wouldhave chosensongs that civilization are going to want to hear to ~ the finale week has actually wrapped up. After hearing the songsduring Tuesday night’s show, iTunes would have actually been the last ar you would have uncovered me.

But what Tuesday night’s present lacked in, Wednesday’s show consisted of for. I assumed this year’s performers were great; ns absolutely love the girls’ medley through Beyonce. I additionally really preferred the skit wherein Casey Abrams and James Durbin were arguing over who had the most shocking elimination. The best component was as soon as Pia Toscano walked into the skit attract a tiara and also sash the read, “Most Shocking.” fine played, Idol.

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The winning moment is constantly my favourite moment, and also this season to be no different. Ryan Seacrest review Scotty’s name, Lauren set a kiss on him, and then Scotty sang his cheesy tune while confetti and pyro go off about him. I’ll take it.

What did y’all think around Scotty McCreery together season 10’s American Idol? What was your favorite moment from Wednesday night’s show, and also will you be tuning in for season 11?