American Idol: 10 Funniest Auditions us Still Love To watch From wilhelm Hung"s above audition to some fiery exits between fierce criticism, these are the funniest auditions us still love to watch.

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William Hung, Simon Cowell
The auditions have always been part of the American Idol charm. Yes, most people come because that the beautiful singing and tense competition, and voting because that the winner is definitely part of the experience. However there"s no denying that the auditions — especially the fail auditions — have a particular staying strength which with the main competition can"t compete.

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There are many reasons come love a horrible audition, indigenous the outlandish performance itself to the awful singing come Simon Cowell"s often bewildered expressions and criticisms. There have been plenty of memorable auditions throughout the years, yet some in particular have lengthy remained in ours hearts (and ears).

William Hung at his American Idol audition.
perhaps the most famous audition in American Idol background belongs to wilhelm Hung. While the an initial seasons the the present resulted in some good winners, Hung eclipses lock all, performing Ricky Martin"s "She Bangs" to the great enjoyment that the judges and viewers at home.

Hung"s enthusiasm and exaggerated movements brought about Randy Jackson to an episode in laughter, and while Hung got a unanimous "no" vote, his audition proved so popular that he ended up being a national icon. Hung"s iconic time ~ above the show went viral, and William Hung became one the the original net memes.

Renaldo Lapuz native American Idol

Season 7 saw the appearance of Renaldo Lapuz, who proceeded to give one that the many enjoyable auditions in American Idol history. Getting here in one extravagant outfit, Lapuz verified instantly memorable without also opening his mouth.

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He proceeded to sing the initial song "I Am her Brother," which showed weirdly catchy and also had the judges singing follow me in mirth. The audition eventually culminated in a joyous sing-a-long and celebratory dance. It also led come a handshake and hug indigenous the otherwise impenetrable Simon Cowell. Such to be the emotional strength of this tremendous audition.

Larry Platt ~ above the ground act the splits during his audition.
"Pants ~ above the Ground" is undeniably one of the catchiest initial songs ever before performed in one American Idol audition. That was composed by Larry Platt, a guy in his 60s that missed the age cutoff by plenty of decades.

While the singing was clear terrible, the power itself to be an instant hit with the judges. Castle smiled, bobbed, laughed, and sang along with Platt, that hilariously acted out the song"s bizarre and repetitive lyrics. The audition go viral, and it"s still a sequence the American Idol viewers love come rewatch based on sheer happiness alone.

7 Derek Stillings

Derek Stillings from American Idol

Dubbed "the worst singer in America" by Simon Cowell, Derek Stillings delivered one of the show"s first horrible auditions. It no only helped introduce the an extremely concept, however it set a precedent that few of American Idol"s worst auditions might ever match.

Stillings, dressed in a white tank top and backwards visor, conduct to provide one of the worst vocal performances ever heard in an audition (prompting the vicious previously mentioned criticism native Cowell). Stillings had the otherwise polite and supportive Paula Abdul visibly laughing, and also that is no basic feat.

One that the best auditions native American Idol"s original run, Douglas Davidson finished up proving a fierce competitor to Simon Cowell. That performed one out-of-breath rendition the Bon Jovi"s "Livin" on a Prayer," barely squeaking the end the lyrics amid deep breaths and pants. Together Simon asks, "What the bloody hell to be that?"

But the best part came later when Davidson began performing other songs uninvited, wade in one while performing vocal exercises, and ignoring Cowell"s constant interjections. Davidson eventually to be escorted the end by security while still singing. The was complete pandemonium, and it provides for hilarious viewing.

5 Keith Beukelaer

By the finish of Beukelaer"s audition, Simon Cowell had deemed him "the worst singer in the world." Lasting one incredible six minutes, Beukelaer"s audition saw him singing really nasally renditions that Madonna"s "Like a Virgin" and Whitney Houston"s "I Wanna Dance through Somebody (Who Loves Me)."

The nasally voice and the inappropriate dance move (complete through Beukelaer difficult his tongue out) verified instantly memorable, and they conveniently had Randy Jackson hiding behind a piece of paper to laugh. Even Jackson acquired in on the criticism, stating bluntly, "Keith, that was horrific, man." with such scathing criticisms, it"s easy to see how this has lived on as one the all-time worst auditions.

Many civilization feel poor for laughing at James Lewis due to the fact that he seems like a genuinely pretty guy. It"s simply that his audition to be laughably atrocious. Lewis confirmed an instant hit by showing up in an oversized, mustard-colored suit. Yet it to be his deep voice that verified the signature ingredient.

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Incredibly deep and also with horrible, slurred enunciation, his voice had Paula Abdul soon hiding she face and laughing if Randy Jackson looked turn off to the side in utter bewilderment, virtually as if to ask a producer, "Are you serious?" The suit, the voice, and also the weirdly catchy "Let my people go" every prove gloriously memorable.

3 Steven Thoen

Steven Thoen confirmed an i can not forget contestant even before his audition. His pre-audition interview to be the stuff of beauty as he bluntly stated that nobody from the present has influenced him and also that he"s not even that big of a fan, prompting audible laughs native the adjacent contestants.

Thoen"s incredibly high-pitched and also nasally rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" may have actually viewers reaching to plug your ears, yet perhaps the most memorable facet of the audition room the judges" reactions. Cowell smirked, Jackson hid behind record and laughs, and Paula Abdul physically recoiled in pain and also embarrassment.

One of American Idol"s most memorable contestants, mary Roach is renowned for she belligerent attitude and also iconic storm-off following her failed audition. Roach perform a important bizarre and incomprehensible rendition the "I feeling the planet Move" and met with what could really well be the most awkward silence in the history the the show.

After the judges somewhat rudely implied that she"s holy spirit unstable, Roach angrily stormed out if venting come the camera and also holding back tears. The entire ordeal is memorably cringe-worthy, and also Roach"s abrasive leave has long withstood in the annals the American Idol history.

1 Ian Benardo

One that the show"s many outrageous personalities, Ian Benardo showed a win wannabe contestant best off the bat by pithily fighting through Simon Cowell and sauntering into the room put on a hair scarf come flaunt his wealth. That launched into one outrageous rendition of "Gloria," performing the song in a talkative voice heavy with a new York accent.

There are numerous ingredients come this to win audition, native Bernardo"s hammy and also confrontational personality come his wickedly original performance to his vicious fight with Cowell after acquiring rejected. In this case, personality overshadowed the performance itself.

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