Like many television subgenres, truth TV competitions room no longer enjoying the gargantuan successes of the early 2000s, v over-saturation and also cord-cutting playing huge roles in the in its entirety decrease in popularity. The said, castle still draw millions the viewers ~ above a weekly basis, and this midseason has been an especially noteworthy because that pitting NBC"s constant hit The Voice up against ABC"s back-so-soon American Idol reboot.

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Granted, they"re only up versus each various other on Monday nights -- due to the fact that Idol"s first ep is top top Sundays, if The Voice"s 2nd ep is on Tuesdays -- but the creating is already all end the wall surface as far as which present is more popular with viewers. Let"s break things down a bit.

The complete Viewers

Back when American Idol was among the greatest shows on TV, which to be just roughly ten years ago, it was averaging over 30 million viewers one episode. Nothing on the small screen is pulling in those type of numbers these days, not even with delayed viewing, but American Idol"s reboot numbers are still probably reduced than anyone expected. The premiere traction in a respectable 10.48 million viewers, including another 1.3 million in DVR views. But it lost over 2 million viewers in between its Sunday premiere and the Monday night follow-up, and it hasn"t topped 8 million in Live+Same day airings since that 2nd episode, through its recent installment pass in 7.72 million people.

Similarly, The Voice has likewise seen one overall decrease from season come season, however nothing fairly so drastic together American Idol"s, having actually lost an average of just over 3 million viewers in total since its Season 2 top of 15.76 million. Season 14 began off strong, v 12.31 million tuning in come the first night of blind auditions, though the dipped come 10.84 on the second night. Due to the fact that then, The Voice has actually seen a couple of nights go over 11 million viewers, some listed below it approximately 10 million, and then part bottoming the end in the 9 million range. (The "best of" clip shows attracted less than 7 million each, yet that"s to it is in expected.)

American Idol and The Voice went directly up versus each other on five various Monday nights already, and also on each of those Mondays, The Voice controlled to beat out its fact rival by over 2 million viewers every episode. Not much of a challenge there.

The Winner: The Voice, hands (and buttons) down.


The Demo Ratings

While netting gigantic crowds the viewers is clear important, it"s no an enig that advertisers room far an ext interested in the number of audience members that fit into the vital 18-49 age demographic, which regularly has much more of an affect on a show"s future 보다 many world may assume. And ABC no doubt hoped that younger viewers would song in to watch pop star Katy Perry shaking points up on the judge"s table alongside Lionel Ritchie and Luke Bryan. And for the many part, castle have. Idol"s premiere scored a 2.3 demo rating, i m sorry is very solid, if no overwhelmingly superior for a revival choose this. (ABC is happier through Roseanne"s ratings, for sure.) choose the viewer totals, the demo ratings reduce with successive episodes, and also its most recent Sunday/Monday scores were 1.5 and 1.6, respectively. (People loved that dog, though.)

The Voice had its own pop star addition for Season 14, through the ridiculously bubbly Kelly Clarkson joining returning coach Alicia Keys. It"s unclear just how much she involvement directly plays into the show"s demo ratings, but someone is certainly doing other right. The Voice"s premiere demo rating capped turn off at 2.8, and five of its next six episodes" stats either tied or topped American Idol"s 2.3 season high. Its many recent installments earn a 1.9 and a 1.3, v the latter episode no featuring any brand-new performances.

To be expected, every of the Monday night face-offs between The Voice and also American Idol play out simply as the viewership comparisons shown they would, with the NBC series earning higher ratings because that each of the Monday night airings.

Winner: The Voice, when again.

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Are you men shocked, or is this what you expected? permit us recognize in the poll below. American Idol airs Sunday and also Monday nights on abc at 8:00 p.m. ET, while The Voice airs top top NBC on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. (The Voice will additionally air top top Wednesday, April 18, through the 3rd night the the Live Playoffs.) To see what other brand-new and returning mirrors will be popping up soon, head to our midseason premiere schedule and our summer premiere schedule.