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Warner Brothers, in full Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., formerly referred to as Warner brothers Pictures, Inc., and Warner Bros., Inc., American entertain conglomerate established in 1923 and also especially well-known for its movie studio. In 1990 it ended up being a subsidiary the Time Warner Inc. Warner Brothers’ headquarters room in Burbank, California.


The agency was established by 4 brothers: harry Warner (b. December 12, 1881, Poland—d. July 25, 1958, Hollywood, California, U.S.), Albert Warner (b. July 23, 1884, Poland—d. November 26, 1967, Miami Beach, Florida, U.S.), Samuel Warner (b. 1887—d. 1927), and also Jack Warner (b. Respectable 2, 1892, London, Ontario, Canada—d. September 9, 1978, Los Angeles, California, U.S.), who were the young of Benjamin Eichelbaum, one immigrant polish cobbler and also peddler. The brothers began their careers reflecting moving photos in Ohio and Pennsylvania top top a traveling basis. Start in 1903, they started gaining movie theatres, and also they climate moved right into film distribution. About 1913 they started producing their very own films, and also in 1917 they shifted their production headquarters come Hollywood, California. They developed Warner brothers Pictures, Inc., in 1923. The eldest of the brothers, Harry, to be the chairman of the company and ran that headquarters in brand-new York City, when Albert to be its treasurer and also head of sales and distribution. Sam and Jack regulated the studio in Hollywood.


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Films of the 1920s and ’30s: The Jazz Singer and also gangster dramas

When the company ran into financial difficulties in the mid-1920s, Sam Warner convinced his brothers come collaborate in arising a patent ~ above a process (Vitaphone) that made the “talkies” possible, revolutionizing the movie industry. The studio’s Don Juan (1926) opened with a completely synchronized music sound track, and also The Jazz Singer (1927) was the an initial film through synchronized dialogue. (Sam passed away only 24 hours before the latter’s premiere.) Warner Brothers climate made Lights of brand-new York (1928), the an initial full-length all-talking film, and also On through the Show (1929), the first all-talking colour movie. The huge financial success of these at an early stage sound films allowed Warner brother to end up being a significant motion-picture studio. By the 1930s Warner Brothers to be producing about 100 motion images a year and controlled 360 theatres in the United states and more than 400 abroad.


The Jazz Singer
Al Jolson and also Eugenie Besserer in The Jazz Singer (1927), command by Alan Crosland.

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Warner Brothers came to be known for its tightly budgeted, technically proficient entertainment films. In the beforehand 1930s the agency started the craze because that gangster movies with Little Caesar (1931), The publicly Enemy (1931), and also Scarface (1932), and also throughout the ’30s it presented films featuring such stars together James Cagney and Edward G. Robinson in gangster roles. Warner Brothers likewise presented Busby Berkeley’s music extravaganzas, countless swashbuckling and adventure films starring Errol Flynn, and dramas featuring such stars together Paul Muni, Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart, and also John Garfield. The te was additionally notable for the debut of Looney Tunes, one animated quick film series.