The American Museum of organic History is a museum in new York City, joined States.

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The museum is located ~ above the top West side of Manhattan in Theodore Roosevelt Park right across the street from main Park.

The American Museum of Natural background occupies more than 186,000 square meters (2,000,000 square feet). It is just one of the biggest museums in the world.

The museum complex comprises 28 interconnected structures housing 45 permanent exhibition halls, in addition to a planetarium and a library.


The museum collection contain end 33 million specimens the plants, animals, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites, person remains, and also human social artifacts, that which only a small portion can be shown at any type of given time.

The museum to be founded in 1869 by some of new York City’s wealthiest men, who hoped a natural history museum would certainly impart prestige to their city and educate the working classes around the regulations of nature. As with the city Museum of Art, which opened up in 1870, the American Museum that Natural background soon came to be one that the pets philanthropies of the brand-new York aristocracy.

Since its starting in 1869, the museum has advanced its worldwide mission to discover, interpret, and also disseminate information about human cultures, the herbal world, and also the Universe through a wide-ranging routine of scientific research, education, and exhibition.


Before building of the existing complex, the museum was housed in the Arsenal structure in main Park.

In 1874, chairman Ulysses S. Grant laid the cornerstone because that the museum’s irreversible home, which opened up in 1877.

Today, the Department the Mammalogy homes over 275,000 specimens, making that the third largest arsenal of recent mammals in the world. The museum contain five mammal halls: Bernard family members Hall of phibìc American Mammals, Akeley hall of afri Mammals, room of oriental Mammals, room of new York State Mammals, room of Primates, room of tiny Mammals.


The Department of Ornithology maintains one of the largest collections the bird specimens in the world. The research study collections of the room number almost one million specimens; these incorporate skins, skeletons, alcohol addict preparations, eggs, nests, and tissue samples for molecular biochemical studies


The American Museum of Natural background has one of the best dinosaur fossil collection in the world. The public’s favorites incorporate the Tyrannosaurus rex and Apatosaurus. But, many of the museum’s collections of dinosaur fossils remain surprise from windy view. Castle are preserved in countless storage locations located deep in ~ the museum complex.


The Hall of person Origins explores the evolution story that the human being family, if the Cultural Halls examine the societies of Asia, Africa, North and South America, and also the Pacific.


The Hall the Reptiles and also Amphibians serves together an advent to herpetology, with many exhibits detailing reptile evolution, anatomy, diversity, reproduction, and behavior. Notable exhibits encompass a komodo dragon group, an American alligator, Lonesome George, the critical Pinta island tortise, and also poison dart frogs.


The Biodiversity and Environmental Halls offer a vivid and inspiring vision that the spectacular beauty and abundance of life ~ above Earth.


The Arthur Ross hall of Meteorites contains some the the finest specimens in the civilization including Ahnighito, a ar of the 180 tonne (200 united state ton) Cape York meteorite i beg your pardon was discovered at the place of the very same name in Greenland. The meteorite’s great weight—at 34 tons, the is the largest meteorite on display screen at any museum in the world—requires support by columns that expand through the floor and into the bedrock below the museum.


The Harry open minded Guggenheim hall of Minerals homes hundreds of unexplained geological specimens. It adjoins the Morgan Memorial hall of jewel showcasing plenty of rare, and valuable gemstones. On display screen are plenty of renowned samples the are favored from amongst the museum’s more than 100,000 pieces.


The Rose center for Earth and also Space is a component of the American Museum of natural History. Perfect in 2000, it contains the new Hayden Planetarium, the initial of i beg your pardon was opened up in 1935 and also closed in 1997. The room Show in the Hayden Planetarium offers state-of-the-art technology to interact cutting-edge science. A digital video clip system projects across the theater’s 20-meter (67-foot) -wide hemispheric dome, and also every seat has actually an impressive view.


The Museum is house to the official brand-new York State memorial to brand-new York’s 33rd Governor and the nation’s 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt. The two-story Theodore Roosevelt Memorial, which contains the main Park West entrance, the Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda, and the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall, is a tribute to the enduring tradition of the preservation President.


The museum has actually a 485,000-volume library on herbal history, and photo, film, and also manuscript collections.

As among the world’s preeminent scientific research institutions, the museum sponsors much more than 100 field expeditions each year, consisting of ongoing research tasks in Chile, China, Cuba, French Guiana, Madagascar, Mongolia and brand-new Guinea. It maintains 3 permanent field stations: good Gull Island, St. Catherine’s Island and also the Southwestern study Station.

The one mission declare of the American Museum that Natural background is: “To discover, interpret, and also disseminate—through scientific research and also education—knowledge around human cultures, the organic world, and the Universe.”

The museum averages about five million visits annually.

The museum in the film Night in ~ the Museum (2006) is based upon a 1993 book that was collection at the AMNH (The Night in ~ the Museum). The interior scenes were shot at a sound stage in Vancouver, brother Columbia, however exterior shots the the museum’s façade were excellent at the yes, really AMNH.

The exterior of AMNH was supplied in a advantage party step in the film The adversary Wears Prada (2006).

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The planetarium is briefly viewed in the movie K-PAX certification Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges.