Drew Drechsel remained a staple on ‘American Ninja Warrior‘ due to the fact that Season 3, finally managing to come an initial in Season 11, after ~ a historic climb in the last round. His loss has to be as noteworthy as the meteoric climb after news surfaced that attracted had allegedly involved in sexual activities with a girl as soon as she to be fifteen. Subsequently, both ‘ANW’ and also NBC (the network where it airs) have reduced ties with Drew.

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Despite the current turn that events, most fans that the display remember him together a pushed participant and also a family-oriented man. In fact, after winning ‘American Ninja Warrior,’ attracted outlined his plans to relocate to Florida, from Connecticut, to it is in close to his family. He also spoke about what he wanted to carry out with the million-dollar cash compensation – well, technically $600,000 ~ taxes. Attracted noted, “I execute have household that I want to take care of.” So, who’s in attracted Drechsel’s family? We’re right here to call you all the details.

Drew Drechsel’s Partner:


Drew has been v April Beckner because that a long time. If the former thrived up in Coral Springs, Florida, Beckner’s from Gainsville. It seems that the couple is a perfect fit for each other because April is one adventurous athlete herself. She’s contended in the Ninja games too, even reaching the finals of the nationwide Ninja league in 2017. No wonder she gets along so well through ‘Real Life Ninja,’ aka Drew.

April’s functioned with attracted at the new Era Gym in Connecticut. Simply as drew trains other aspiring ninjas, April, too, has been the Ninja camp director and also a head assistant the the new Era Ninjas. She’s to be supportive the his attempts in ~ ‘ANW’ too, speaking the end after his victory, saying, “Every year, drew gets stronger, and the courses get harder and also stronger, too. The was just a issue of time prior to they met up on the best level, and this year taken place to be that year.”

When us last saw the couple, lock were no yet married, but it was evident that Drew and April to be deeply in love. That agreed come buy a rabbit together a pet – i beg your pardon was part of a previous deal in between the couple. Despite not liking rabbits, ~ a traumatic occurrence as a child, Drew chose to meet his promise when he to be crowned the winner. So, after being in a connection for a long time, have there to be wedding bells in the couple’s lives? By all accounts, the two don’t seem to it is in married. Notably, Drew and April have removed their social media accounts after the former’s scandal through the fifteen-year-old girl surfaced.

Drew Drechsel’s Kid:

Whether Drew and also April are still together is up for a toss, us do recognize that the pair has a child. When drew won the competition, he to be an expecting father, and also they invited their child in December 2019. April and also Drew named the baby young Korey Kade Drechsel. She defined the reason behind specify name the baby Korey in a since-deleted Instagram post.

April said that Korey Sarvas was Drew’s finest friend, who was tragically shed too soon. He influenced attracted to adopt his passions, which has led him under the course where the is currently. Return April never ever met Corey, she wanted to express her gratitude come the man who led drew down a method that allowed both her and also Drechsel to discover happiness.

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Despite his shocking actions, Drew’s made that clear the he wanted to it is in a good father come the child, saying the he want to use part of his winnings come ensure that his baby boy was collection for life. It appears that Drechsel had actually it all – a love partner and also the promise of being a father. The allegations have now irrevocably upended his life.