Since 2010, the background Channel has actually aired American Pickers, i m sorry stars the amiable antique-collecting duo the Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. Together, lock travel approximately rural America scouring neck dealers, farms, junkyards, and also people"s inherited collections because that diamonds in the rough, maintaining an eye out for items that room either an useful collectibles or that have the right to be revived and sold as residence decor. That course, through antiques come story — and also bringing these story to the attention of the civilization at big is in ~ the love of the show.

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Along with Wolfe and Fritz, the actors includes employees Lauren Wray Grisham and also Danielle Colby Cushman, who help run Wolfe"s brick-and-mortar shop Antique Archaeology in Le Claire, Iowa and also Nashville, Tennessee; frank operates his own antique store-slash-restaurant, frank Fritz Finds, in Savanna, Illinois. The pair"s banter v each other and also prospective sellers and also friendly competition to see just who has actually the best eye have made American Pickers a hit v viewers, and the display is still going solid after 20 seasons. 

It takes having an already-successful company to it is in featured on tv at all, but the extra income and also subsequent extra organization from achieve that kind of visibility deserve to take one"s net worth to a brand-new level. Just how rewarding can a niche passion be once it"s all counted up? Here"s just how much the actors of American Pickers space worth.

The background Channel
It"s for sure to say the the picking company can it is in pretty profitable, particularly if you control to parlay your picking right into a successful reality TV show. Insofar as television salary, Wolfe makes an astounding $500,000 dollars per season, and also Fritz makes a small less in ~ $300,000 dollars per season. Danielle, in her smaller role, makes about $15,000 for each illustration of American Pickers she appears in, and also though there isn"t lot information easily accessible for Lauren, it"s for sure to assume she gets paid at a rate on par v Danielle"s.

On optimal of the income, the show"s stars obviously knife a an extensive living from their actual company endeavors, i m sorry aren"t minimal to dealing antiques. Fritz operates the restaurant attached come his shop, and also Wolfe has two additional separate organization ventures: that operates together a wholesale merchant for designers, and also he newly opened 2 Lanes Guesthouse, a holidays rental in downtown Columbia, Tennessee, i beg your pardon is festooned v picks he"s made on the show as decor (and i beg your pardon is essentially component advertisement, part genuine boon to neighborhood tourism). The course, this side ventures are greatly thanks come Wolfe and also Fritz"s American Pickers stardom — but that doesn"t do them any kind of less lucrative.

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Net worth is a tricky measure up stick, together it"s based on things besides straightforward cash in the bank, such as genuine estate holdings and financial investments. However it"s estimated that in total, candid Fritz"s net worth is about $4 million dollars, and Mike Wolfe is worth about $5 million dollars. Danielle"s network worth is about $1.5 million, and also Lauren come in in ~ a much more humble $300,000. 

What American Pickers" stars make in the actual transactions ~ above the show is impossible to guess ~ the requisite taxes and also expenses space deducted, and of course, the an extremely nature of reality TV often tends to obfuscate spatu truth just a touch. But there is small doubt that the 4 stars of among the background Channel"s many popular and long-running programs space doing very well indeed, and as lengthy as the television-viewing public holds onto its fascination with turning forgotten junk right into riches, they"ll probably continue to rake in the dough.