Charlene Cakora, 57, spent a frantic mainly in Washington DC trying to convey a post to president Joe Biden: rescue her brother from Taliban captivity.

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Mrs Cakora's brother, mark Frerichs, to be kidnapped by the group over a year ago. He is one of two staying Americans thought to have been walk away by the Taliban during the us war in Afghanistan who is tho unaccounted for.

Amid the Afghan government's collapse, the fall of Kabul and also chaotic scenes of thousands scrambling to flee the nation being broadcast about the globe, his family members said castle were increasingly desperate because that his return, and frustrated through the lack of progress from the government.

"We have been at war with the Taliban for 20 years. President Biden declared the war over on 31 August," grandm Cakora said the "When a battle ends, each side obtain to have their prisoners come home. The is all we space asking for Mark."

" were told that efforts were underway to acquire my brothers home," she added. "Well, they were not."

At least seven us civilians have actually been bring away captive or gone lacking during the war in Afghanistan. Of the total, one was apparently killed, one escaped, and also three were rescued or released. An eighth captive, Bowe Bergdahl, to be a us soldier recorded after deserting his article in 2009. He was released in 2014.

Mr Frerichs, 59, had actually been living and also working in Kabul together a polite engineer for 10 years when he was kidnapped.

A "journeyman contractor" who went from project to project, encouraged by a desire to aid people in need, that had discovered "a great fit for himself in Afghanistan," granny Cakora said. "Three days before he to be kidnapped, he told me that he had actually just perfect a municipal water project. He was so proud that it."

The united state Navy veteran was lured come a meeting to talk about a potential project and taken versus his will certainly to Khost Province, a previous national security official told the


In Khost, the official said, he to be handed end to the Haqqani Network, among the region's most an effective and feared militant groups. The network's leader, Sirajuddin Haqqani, is just one of the Taliban's peak deputy leaders.

Advocates working to secure mr Frerichs' release say that the "only" thing that the Taliban have mentioned when US officials have actually pressed because that his return is the relax of Bashir Noorzai, a Taliban-affiliated drug lord who has actually been imprisoned in the us for the last 16 years.

Noorzai, who was arrested in 2005, was sentenced come life in prison in 2009 top top charges that he imported over $50m (£36m) precious of heroin indigenous Afghanistan and also Pakistan right into the US and also other countries. He combated alongside the now-deceased Taliban founder Mullah Mohammed Omar against Soviet occupation in the 1980s, and also is thought to have supplied the group with jae won backing, weapons, ammunition and also as numerous as 400 fighters.

Responding to queries, a state department spokesperson said that the us Special Representative because that Afghanistan has pressed the Taliban for grandfather Frerichs' release and raised the worry with Taliban representatives in Qatar and also Pakistan.

"We location a high priority on clues Frerichs' safety and will not prevent working until he is safely went back to his family," the spokesperson said.

Spokespeople at the Taliban's representative office in Qatar did no respond to requests because that comment.


Mrs Cakora claimed that if the family understands that an exchange the Noorzai for mr Frerichs is a "hard trade" and also that it would mean making concessions to kidnappers, they think it is the just viable option.

When asked what she would certainly tell the White House about her case, mrs Cakora command a plea at president Biden.

"We know that this battle is ending, and you desire your prisoners back as lot as we want my brother," she said. "Please treat him well and work with US officials to arrange a prisoner swap the gets you Bashir Noorzai and also returns Mark house safely to us. Let the be the one point that both sides deserve to see as a win."

Besides mr Frerichs, only one various other American doubt to have actually been abducted in Afghanistan, writer Paul Overby Jr, continues to be unaccounted for. Mr Overby was last heard indigenous in may 2014, once he vanished in Khost while travel to interview Sirajuddin Haqqani. The Taliban have actually denied any involvement.

With the case in Afghanistan growing more dangerous by the day, granny Cakora express hope the her brother's relax may carry out a small positive outcome.

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"President Biden has actually the power to make it happen," she said. "The story on our leave from Afghanistan is horrible. Can't we obtain one glimmer of an excellent news by having actually my brothers come home?"