A 55-year-old brand-new Jersey male was found dead in his hotel room in the Dominican Republic, making the at the very least the nine US traveler to die at a Dominican Republic resort.

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Boston Mayor-elect Michelle Wu greets supporters at her choice night party, Tuesday Nov. 2, 2021, in Boston. Wu beat fellow City councilor Annissa Essaibi George in the race.
Republican glen Youngkin addresses supporters at his election campaign headquarters in Chantilly, Virginia, after winning the Virginia governor’s race.

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A “customer disturbance” board a Delta wait Lines trip from Atlanta come Los Angeles brought about the trip being sail to Dallas, according to Delta. vxcialistoufjg.com’s Pete Muntean has actually more.

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SALZBURG, AUSTRIA - NOVEMBER 11: Kyle beach of Salzburg watch on during the champions Hockey organization Play-Off round of 16 game between Red Bull Salzburg and also Lulea Hockey at Eisarena Salzburg on November 11, 2014 in Salzburg, Austria. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images)
At the very least five human being have passed away after a structure with more than 20 stories fell down in one upmarket area that Nigeria’s advertisement capital, Lagos. vxcialistoufjg.com’s Stephanie Busari reports.

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vxcialistoufjg.com’s Ed Lavandera reports top top the Oklahoma parole board recommending clemency because that Julius Jones, a man sentenced to die for a murder he says he no commit.

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vxcialistoufjg.com’s Brianna Keilar speaks to UN human being Food Programme director David Beasley ~ Elon Musk readily available to market some that his Tesla (TSLA) stock “right now” if the UN have the right to prove that $6 billion will certainly solve world hunger.

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vxcialistoufjg.com"s Brianna Keilar speak to UN people Food Programme director David Beasley after Elon Musk offered to offer some of his Tesla (TSLA) stock "right now" if the UN can prove that $6 billion will solve people hunger.
exterior the COP26 UN climate summit, climate activist Greta Thunberg gathered through crowds the protesters and also slammed the civilization leaders attending the conference for not doing enough to deal with the climate crisis.

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In Ukraine, human being can visit crowded places only if they have been vaccinated or have actually a an adverse PCR test. That opens up a brand-new black industry of forged vaccine and also testing documents. vxcialistoufjg.com’s Bianca Nobilo reports.

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president Joe Biden stated the climate situation is “the existential hazard to human being existence as we understand it,” and also urged world leaders gathered because that the COP26 climate summit come come with each other to reduce emissions and save the planet.

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Shanghai Disneyland went into a snap lockdown after ~ a solitary Covid-19 case was confirmed. The too much measure saw 10s of thousands of visitors and staff compelled to experience coronavirus testing before they were allowed to leaving the park, as police clogged the exits and secured the grounds. vxcialistoufjg.com’s David Culver reports.

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Thousands grounding at Shanghai Disneyland ~ one Covid case nearby was reported. Check out what the looked choose
scientists may have actually detected indications of a world transiting a star external of the Milky Way, in what might be the first planet ever to be uncovered outside ours galaxy. vxcialistoufjg.com’s Bianca Nobilo has actually more.

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vxcialistoufjg.com’s Rene Marsh, who lost her boy Blake to mind cancer simply after his 2nd birthday, discusses her new children’s publication “The miracle Workers: young vs. Beast,” i m sorry she created in his honor.

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vxcialistoufjg.com political analyst Maggie Haberman reaction to previous President Donald Trump’s appearance in ~ the civilization Series, which the falsely asserted the MLB invited him to attend.

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ATLANTA, GEORGIA - OCTOBER 30: Former an initial lady and also president that the United says Melania and Donald Trump do "the chop" before Game 4 of the World collection between the Houston Astros and also the Atlanta Braves Truist Park top top October 30, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
FBI toxicology exam have identified that the deaths of 3 American tourist in the Dominican Republic were because of natural causes, a us State Department main said Friday.

The result are consistent with those presented by Dominican authorities.

The FBI assisted with the toxicology test of 3 of at least nine american who passed away there in recent months. The spate of deaths has actually left vacationers come wonder if they must cancel their trips come the Caribbean traveler destination.

The bureau helped with the investigate of the deaths last feather of Nathaniel Holmes, Cynthia Day and also Miranda Schaup-Werner.

Schaup-Werner, a 41-year-old Pennsylvania resident, passed away in may at the cool Bahia Principe in La Romana, as did the 63-year-old Holmes, and also the 49-year-old Day, a pair from Maryland.

“Our condolences and also sympathy go out to the families throughout this difficult time,” the State Department main said in a statement, adding that relatives of the deceased have actually been notified of the FBI test results.

There to be no immediate response from the family members members.

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her questions about the Dominican Republic traveler deaths, answered

The State Department main said the deaths were tragic yet called them unrelated, diverted cases. The US has actually not seen rise in the number of deaths that American citizen in the Dominican Republic, the official said.

Schaup-Werner died in her hotel room after having actually a drink indigenous the minibar, family spokesman Jay McDonald told vxcialistoufjg.com affiliate WFMZ. She suffered a love attack, pulmonary edema and also respiratory failure, a preliminary autopsy quote by the attorney General’s Office that the Dominican Republic showed.

Holmes and Day were found dead days later in your hotel room on might 30. Both had internal bleeding, including in their pancreases, according to Dominican authorities. Holmes had actually an enlarged heart and cirrhosis the the liver – both indicators of far-reaching pre-existing disease, the Dominican authorities said. Day had liquid in she brain, castle said.

Holmes and also Day likewise had liquid in your lungs, Attorney general Jean Alain Rodriguez Sanchez’s office claimed in a statement at the time.

The Dominican Republic is one of the Caribbean’s top tourism destinations, with more than 6 million stopover tourists last year, consisting of 2.2 million Americans, follow to the Caribbean travel Organization.