While many visit Colorado Springs because that the wonderful outdoor adventures that deserve to be enjoyed all year long, there is more to this mountain city than meets the eye. In fact, thrill-seekers will certainly love visiting the finest theme parks in Colorado Springs. Indigenous roller coasters and water parks come laser tag, over there is other for everyone at these layout parks. Be certain to bring comfortable shoes because that a job of funny at any kind of of the following well-known theme parks in Colorado Springs.

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Great wolf Lodge

Address: Great wolf Lodge, 9494 commonwealth Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80921Hours: Vary by SeasonAdmission: Rooms median $500+ per night

Great wolf Lodge is component of the renowned chain of cook indoor layout parks. Keeping an 84-degree temperature year-round, visitors deserve to enjoy this indoor water park in Colorado Springs in the elevation of summer or the depths of winter. There room plenty that rides for guests of every ages. For those through younger children, a zero-depth children pool is also on-site. In enhancement to water slides and a lazy river, guests deserve to enjoy acquisition a zip line through the park, scaling a climb wall, playing games in the arcade, going on live-action pursuits through the hotel, and also more. The only means to gain admission to the park is to continue to be at good Wolf Lodge, yet the exorbitant hotel amenities and spectacular see from the rooms space worth every penny. It renders for a wonderful staycation because that Colorado Springs residents.

The phibìc Pole

Address: The phibìc Pole, 5050 Pikes top Hwy, Cascade, CO 80809Hours: Thurs–Mon 10 a.m.–5 p.m. (Open Seasonally May–December)Admission: Free to go into / $25 for countless Rides

The north Pole is a vintage theme park just 10 mile north of Colorado Springs open for a large portion the the year. visitors of all eras can take in the sights and sounds and enjoy the rides. The smells that peppermint liquid cane will make anyone want to visit the gift shop come grab part for the ride residence or visit the Carousel Cafe because that corn dogs, sweet treats, and also more. Those who want to take advantage of the fun on over 2 dozen rides will need to purchase a wristband. Park enntrance gate is free, with limited ride passes for $15 and unlimited drive passes for $25. Military discounts expand to spouses and also direct dependents, and also summer passes are available. Whatever from gentle trains and visits with Santa come roller coasters and a tilt-a-whirl is obtainable for guest to enjoy during their time at The phibìc Pole.


Address: Battlefield, 213 W Moreno Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904, USAHours: Based on scheduled SessionsAdmission: Starts at $29 per human per game

Battlefield is the just outdoor laser tag layout park in Colorado Springs. Players can select from four species of battles, consisting of special forces, black color ops, night ops, and infantry. Visitors have the opportunity to take part in open play style or group parties. Open up play entails players acquiring on teams with others who did not arrive in big enough groups. Those who want to play against their friends name: coordinates a time and also game. Energetic military members gain discounts, and Battlefield welcomes military simulations.

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As anyone have the right to see, there is much an ext to Colorado Springs than simply hiking and also outdoor adventures. When those are definitely fun in their very own regard, the best theme parks in Colorado Springs are prepared to welcome guests because that a various kind the excitement. As soon as it pertains to Colorado Springs, the ability to have actually fun both inside and outdoors is something couple of other urban can administer for residents and also visitors.