Legoland California Resort invited visitors back on April 15, but only those that live within a 120-mile radius of the park. (Photo courtesy of Legoland California Resort)

LOS ANGELES – Slowly but surely, amusement parks in California are opening their doors to the public, yet with limitations.

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A minimal number of California occupants will be enabled to visit Disneyland Resort, Disney California Adventure Resort, Legoland California Resort, Knott’s Berry Farm, six Flags Magic Mountain and Universal Studios Hollywood. Visitors might find much shorter lines because those parks space opening in ~ 25% of common capacity. Under state regulations, amusement park workers need to be noted a weekly testing program together the state navigates the recent phase the its reopening.

“California amusement parks prioritize health and also safety, and we have worked collaboratively with state leaders and health officials at the state and also local level to construct guidelines the will defend employees and also guests,” Kris Reyes, a spokesperson for trade team California Attractions and Park Association, said in a statement.

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As lock reopen, parks are requiring development reservations because that tickets and also visitors will be asked come wear masks and also take other precautions.

In early April, California Gov. Gavin Newsom stated the state is shooting for a complete reopening on June 15, which can potentially allow Arizonans come visit the state’s amusement parks this summer.

“With more than 20 million vaccines administered throughout the state, the is time to rotate the page on our tier system and begin spring to totally reopen California’s economy,” Newsom claimed in a statement.

The Centers for disease Control and also Prevention recommends getting vaccinated prior to traveling in between states, therefore Arizonans clamoring to return to these well-known parks as shortly as possible can gain ahead of things by acquiring vaccinated in the meantime.

Disneyland and California Adventure in Anaheim

Two of the biggest and also best recognized amusement parks, Disneyland and also California Adventure, will look a lot different when castle reopen come the general public April 30.

Disney has adapted dining at the park to allow for contactless pickup ~ above the Disneyland App.

“When we reopen our two design template parks, we will certainly have magnified health and safety measures, and will border capacity v a brand-new theme park reservation device that needs all guest to achieve a reservation for park entrance in advance,” Michael Ramirez, Disneyland’s public relations director, wrote in a blog post. “Theme park appointments will be available online, in breakthrough only, because that a certain date, topic to availability.”

When Disneyland and California Adventure started accepting bookings on April 15, some civilization had a smooth suffer with the new system yet others struggled.

Many that the Disneyland staples will be earlier upon the park’s reopening, however other attractions, such as main Street Cinema and also Goofy’s Playhouse, will stay shut down since of COVID-19 precautions, the Los Angeles times reported.

Knott’s Berry farm in Buena Park

California’s oldest amusement park will certainly open first to season happen holders on might 6, and then to every Californians on might 21. The park will celebrate that is 100th anniversary as part of that is reopening this summer.

“Guests will certainly be immersed in a once-in-a-lifetime anniversary celebration featuring festive park decor, themed food items, distinct entertainment, exclusive merchandise, and also special surprises along the way, every paying homage come the nostalgia that surrounds the historic theme park,” Knott’s said on that is website.

Legoland in Carlsbad

Legoland reopened that is doors top top April 15 to California inhabitants within a 120-mile radius of the park.

“It’s been a long and an overwhelming year for all of us and we are exceptionally excited to have the ability to start reopening our resort not just to our guests so castle can develop family memories, however for our staff who have actually been patiently waiting to go back to work,” kurt Stocks, chairman of Legoland California Resort, stated in a statement.

Six Flags Magic hill in Valencia

Six Flags reopened come the general public top top April 3, when the park debuted a brand-new reservation system and updated health and also safety guidelines. “We space excited to gain our park open and our world-class repertoire of coasters running again,” stated Don McCoy, park president.

Universal Studios Hollywood in global City

Universal Studios Hollywood rolled out its signature red carpet and also reopened on April 16, with its popular studio tour and also the harry Potter and also the Forbidden trip reopening. Details rides, such as the Simpsons Ride and Waterworld, will continue to be closed as the park adheres to safety and security guidelines.

SeaWorld san Diego

SeaWorld mountain Diego ended up being the an initial amusement park in the state come reopen to pick visitors indigenous out-of-state who have actually proof that vaccination versus the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

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“Due to the present state COVID-19 guidelines, attendance is limited to California in-state visitors and now out-of-state travellers who are fully vaccinated and show proof of a completely completed COVID-19 vaccine (you room considered completely vaccinated two weeks after ~ your 2nd shot, or 2 weeks after ~ the one-dose vaccine) every state COVID-19 restrictions,” SeaWorld san Diego stated in its many recent COVID-19 update.