Los Angeles Amusement Parks

Universal Studios HollywoodThe world-famous movie studio and theme park featuring movie studios, tours, attractions, rides, restaurants and also more. The movie studio tour provides a behind-the-scenes look at at special effects and also movie-making techniques. The rides and also attractions room based on significant movies that have been developed by universal Studios.

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Immerse you yourself in the adventures of bother Potter™ at The Wizarding world of harry Potter™; get in the human being of The Simpsons™ like never before and also visit downtown Springfield and hold on tight because that the all-new cool finale, Fast and also Furious-Supercharged.

Magic MountainIf you like roller coasters, climate you will LOVE Magic Mountain. The focus is ~ above thrill rides, and some the them are heart-pounders! The park likewise offers layout attractions, carnival games, arcades, food, mirrors and more opportunities for an entire day that thrills and fun. .

Disneyland and Knott"s Berry Farm room in the Orange ar Amusement Parks section

" width="300" height="250">Pacific Park in Santa Monica
Pacific Park (Santa Monica Pier)A carnival format amusement park situated on the Santa Monica Pier. A Ferris wheel supplies spectacular views of the Santa Monica Bay, the Pacific ocean, Santa Monica, ocean Park and Venice Beach. There room carnival games, a roller coaster and other rides.

Los Angeles ZooFeatures animals, reptiles and also birds in their herbal habitat. The Zoo costs less than a movie however offers far an ext entertainment value. The L.A. Zoo is smaller than the san Diego Zoo, back it"s much closer and the admission price is lower. It is located in Griffith Park, phibìc of downtown Los Angeles, around 6 miles away from universal Studios.

Sherman Oaks lock ParkMiniature golf (three 9-hole courses), at home arcade with video games, wait hockey and other games, laser tag, batting cage v multiple skills, and also a snack bar. Parking is free. This to meet is maintained by the L.A. Park device .

Hurricane HarborFrom thrilling speed slides come cool kids" locations to gallons that water adventures, 6 Flags Hurricane harbor is a tropic paradise and the perfect location to cool off and also work on her California tan. .

Aquarium that the PacificFeatures ocean-based exhibits and marine life the the Pacific ocean. You can explore the miscellaneous ocean habitats of southern California, Baja California, the frigid waters that the phibìc Pacific and the colorful reefs the the tropic Pacific. Come face-to-face with, and also even touch, the ocean"s ultimate predators in Shark Lagoon and hand feeding lorikeet birds.

K1 rate TorranceAn indoor go cart gyeongju track in the Torrance/Gardena area. Suffer the thrill of 20hp electrical karts at an affordable price. Open up late on Fridays and also Saturdays. Also ideal because that parties and meetings.

Raging WatersCalifornia"s largest water template park special a 50-acre aquatic recreation park which consists of water slides, rate slides, rides, chutes, lagoons, children"s task pools and beaches because that sunbathers. Open throughout the summer months. Click on the connect for their san Dimas facility.

Castle Park (Riverside)Located close to the 91 freeway in Riverside, this amusement park supplies 27 rides perfect for every ages, four championship miniature golf courses, a vast an option of carnival midway games, a water playground, sleeve shops, a video arcade, and more.

Escape Rooms and also Escape Games

Escape Room games - You and a group of rather are given the an obstacle of finding a hidden leave within an allotted amount of time. Part escape games employ scare tactics, yet most simply involve fixing puzzles and also deciphering ideas to find the means out that the room. Most are open up to younger participants so the entirety family have the right to join in.

Paintball Parks

Paintball Parks offer courses v obstacles, whereby players compete in mock battles using Paintballs (including Paintball Soft), Airsoft, Nerf projectiles and also more. Some organize competitions and special events. Most likewise include deals because that groups and also parties. Tools rentals room available. Some let you lug your own paintballs, yet check every website carefully for details. All parks require a waiver, which have the right to usually be filled the end online.

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" width="300" height="225">Near the enntrance gate of Disneyland

Orange county / san Diego Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks in Orange County and also San DiegoThe list has Disneyland, Disney"s California Adventure, Knott"s Berry Farm, Soak City, Adventure City and Speedzone in Orange County. Because that the mountain Diego area, over there are web links to LegoLand, mountain Diego Zoo, Safari Park, SeaWorld san Diego and Belmont Park.