Both large and small amusement parks are noted below. Click the links to with the amusement parks’ internet pages wherein you’ll uncover a an overview of attractions, prices, hours, and directions.

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The mega parks, together as discovery Kingdom and good America, function the thrill rides and also attractions that appeal to pre-teens and also teens. However, this parks likewise have kiddie areas and family reflects that space fun for younger children.

The ticket prices because that the huge amusement parks deserve to be steep. Look because that coupons and special promotions. Your employer, credit union, or grocery keep may likewise sell discounted passes. Season passes are a good deal, if you think you’ll go an ext than a couple times every season.

Bigger isn’t always far better when it concerns amusement parks. Younger youngsters are usually rather happy v a couple of simple rides and a quite playground area. Smaller sized amusement parks have actually reasonable admission fees or pay-as-you-ride attractions and many permit you to bring picnic food. You can have a fun day there is no spending a luck or feeling favor you didn’t acquire your money’s worth once your boy tires out after a few hours.

Local zoos additionally have rides for a quite balance the nature, education and also fun. Plenty of local parks have train rides, carousels, and nice beat areas. Part entertainment centers have actually rides and games.

Amusement Parks Pixieland Amusement Park ~ Concord funny for young kids ages 1 to 10 through a miniature train, carousel, roller coaster, tea cups, airplanes, frog hopper, antique cars, games, a duck pond and good food! Always totally free admission and parking. Just buy tickets because that the rides. A great place because that a school field trip or to hold your child’s next birthday party in ~ reasonable parcel rates.

Six Flags discovery Kingdom ~ Vallejo Seaside Junction and also Looney melody Seaport room the focal points for younger children with little rides, performances, and also character visits. The waterski mirrors are a fun and unusual template park experience.

Great America ~ Santa Clara KidZville is the focal allude for younger youngsters with small rides, a large climbing/sliding structure, cute shows and character visits. Once your youngsters start getting exhausted take a rest from the rides and see one of the funny shows.

Fairyland ~ Oakland The exhibits and also rides are charming and also geared towards younger children. The puppet reflects are high quality. And the price is right, you deserve to take your entire family come Fairyland for less the price that a single ticket to one of the major amusement parks. If girlfriend still have actually some energy left, take a stroll roughly the lake before you leave.

Happy Hollow ~ mountain Jose The rides are limited and geared towards younger children. Remain for the puppet show and play in the crooked house. Although the zoo is small and doesn’t have plenty of of the pets one commonly associates with zoos (no elephants, zebras, or tigers), there are enough cute, furry animals to entertain most children. Inspect out the nearby Historical Park, especially the old fashioned ice cream and also candy store.

Santa Cruz coast Boardwalk ~ Santa Cruz A fun atmosphere with enough rides to game most ages for a couple of hours. Add to carnival games, an extensive video clip arcade and also indoor miniature golf course. Due to the fact that the boardwalk is right on the beach, you may want to lug swimsuits and beach stuff and spend part time top top the sand. The wharf is within walking distance of the Boardwalk and you deserve to see, hear, and smell the sea lions begging under the pier. Add to there’s a practiced candy and also ice cream save towards the end.

Check traffic and weather before you go. Be all set for both blazing heat and also chilly winds (often in the same day). Layered clothing works best! lug lots of soldier for the parking meter or be prepared to pay a high price come park in the official parking lot.

Gilroy Gardens ~ Gilroy The highlights room circus trees, beautiful gardens, and fun rides for young children. Be sure to tell her older children there are no at sight sonic roller coasters here, so they won’t be disappointed. Tasty and fairly healthy food choices. Gilroy have the right to be hot in the summer, but as with most locations in the only Area carry a sweatshirt if you plan to stay previous dark.

Small human being Park ~ Pittsburg Harbor and also Leland Road. Party castle, carousel, playgrounds and also picnic areas.

San Francisco Zoo ~ san Francisco A funny children’s zoo, add to a carousel, safari tram, and heavy steam train.

Oakland Zoo ~ Oakland typically un-crowded and also just the right size. Too many of space for the animals, yet easy to walk around. Relatively inexpensive join fee. Rides are second fee, but reasonable.

Water on slide Parks Water on slide parks are an excellent fun, but pick the warmest, the very least windy day feasible to protect against shivering in line. Back water slide parks have beach and river play areas that space fine because that younger children, the actual fun begins when your child is a competent swimmer and also not afraid of gaining dunked under water. Tickets because that the bigger water slide parks can be pricey. Look for discount coupons or unique promotions.

Prewett family Waterpark – Antioch 6 Flags Hurricane harbor – Concord Aqua Adventure – Fremont Raging Waters – san Jose

Southern California Amusement Parks It’s a surprisingly easy expedition to numerous Southern California theme parks and with inexpensive airfares and also package deals a expedition down south have the right to be reasonably reasonable.

Disneyland ~ Anaheim The combination of 1st class rides and shows, clean facilities, and also friendly, well-trained staff do visiting Disneyland a wonder experience. Package deals and an abundance of sensibly priced hotels within walking distance are a great value. A an excellent time to go is in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The park is decorated because that the holidays, there space special vacation shows, and also the crowds room minimal.

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Legoland ~ Carlsbad A refreshing rest from the sensory-overload rides and long present at plenty of theme parks. This park is designed because that younger youngsters (4-10 years old) and also the rides are just their level (very few height restrictions). The park can easily be excellent in sooner or later leaving time for other San Diego area attractions, such as the mountain Diego Zoo, Wild animal Park, or Sea World. Remain at a hotel near the beach because that an added treat.