Back in 2019, The Office star Jenna Fischer was encouraged by previous co-star Rainn Wilson (who depicted Dwight Schrute in the fight NBC comedy) come Google herself (via Dankanator). Once doing so, Fischer (otherwise known as Dunder Mifflin receptionist Pam Beesly) stumbled upon some of the most popular search state relating to she name, consisting of "is Jenna Fischer married," "is Jenna Fischer Canadian," and "is Jenna Fischer regarded Amy Adams." 

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Upon the discovery, the actress required to Instagram to clarify several of the most Googled questions around her life off-screen, including whether or no she is in fact related to the Enchanted star. 

"Inspired by
rainnwilson to google myself and answer the height search questions...Yes i am married. And, I"m tho Lee Kirk not John Krasinski. In fact, our 10 year anniversary is following year! ns love girlfriend Lee!! ns am not pertained to Isla Fisher, Carrie Fisher, Amy Fisher or Debbie Reynolds." Speaking ~ above Instagram, Fischer continued, "I am not concerned Amy Adams yet she is a lovely person being and also would love if she to be my sis. I am no Canadian."

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Although not related, the pair have operated together in the past. As Mashable reports, Office fans can remember Adams as Katy, a character who appeared in the final episode the the show"s first-ever season, title "Hot Girl," which originally aired every the means back in April 2005. 

Speaking on the Office Ladies podcast, former co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey (who played Angela boy name in the series) discussed Amy Adams" quick appearance ~ above The Office, revealing that she was actors in the show prior to making it large in Hollywood. "Amy Adams to be Purse Girl, this is who want to actors as the purse girl from she audition, but something that i think civilization don"t establish is that Amy Adams wasn"t Amy Adams when she was actors as the purse girl. She became Amy Adams later," Fischer explained. 

Speaking ~ above the podcast, the co-stars go on to reveal that The Office writers were to crawl on Adams" return to the show. However, by the moment the episode had aired, Adams was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in the film Junebug. "By climate she was Academy Award-nominated Amy Adams... I was like, i hope we can get her back! and also we did, she came back for two an ext episodes," Fischer revealed.