For the previous 27 years, TV specials, made-for-TV movies, and tabloid stories have examined the stays of the Buttafuoco family. It started when a 17-year-old girl named Amy Fisher shot Joey Buttafuoco"s wife Mary Jo in the face on might 19, 1992 in lengthy Island, brand-new York.

In November 1993, Joey was charged and also sentenced to six months for statutory rape after gift in a sexual partnership with Amy starting at the period of 16 (New York law"s age of consent is 17). Amy was arrested and charged with attempted murder; she was released from jail in 1999. Mar Jo survived the attack, but told Oprah Winfrey the she endured from face paralysis and also ear damage.

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Amy Fisher, 17, is arrested because that attempted killing in might 1992.
New York everyday News Archive
Now, almost three years after the well known "90s crime case, ABC"s 20/20 guarantees to provide much more details in a two-hour one-of-a-kind entitled Growing up Buttafuoco. Joey and Mary Jo"s daughter Jessie, who was nine years old at the moment of the event, is collection to phone call the story from her perspective, together well.

Where is Joey Buttafuoco now?


Joey Buttafuoco in April 2017.
Albert L. Ortega
Currently, Joey is working on a movie about his early on life, follow to abc News. 3 years after the 1992 case, Joey finished up gaining arrested again for soliciting a angry cop posing together a prostitute. Then, he to be sentenced to a year in jail and also five years" probation in march 2004 after pleading guilty to insurance fraud. He additionally served three months because that illegally possessing ammunition in 2007.

Joey and Mary Jo divorced in 2003. Two years later, he acquired married to Evanka Franjko.

Over the years, Joey has actually made numerous TV appearances, consisting of on Celebrity Boxing, Judge Jeanine Pirro, and also The Howard Stern Show.

According come his daughter, Joey is now turning over a new leaf.

"He"s in a expansion phase whereby he"s in therapy and also he"s healing ... Ns hope he’s not utilizing it to justify why the made for this reason many poor decisions," the 36-year-old told ABC. "I choose this brand-new man he"s becoming."

Where is mar Jo Buttafuoco now?


Mary Jo Buttafuoco in 2018.

After splitting from Joey in 2003, mar Jo continued to show up on assorted TV shows prefer Larry King Live, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and also The Dr. Oz Show. In 2009, her book Getting It with My thick Skull: Why ns Stayed, What i Learned, and What numerous People involved with Sociopaths require to know came out and also landed on the New York Times" bestseller list. Three year later, she married Stu Tendler.

For years, the outcomes of mar Jo"s injuries lingered. Yet in 2017, people reported the she had actually undergone surgical treatment to repair her partly paralyzed faced. Her physician at the time was maybe repair few of the nerves that had kept she from smiling.

“It’s the an initial time in 25 years that as soon as I smile, I have the right to see the side of mine teeth,” mary Jo told within Edition.

Where is Amy Fisher now?


Amy Fisher in 2008.
Joe Kohen
Following her release from jail in 1999, Amy stayed in lengthy Island and also wrote newspaper columns and also a book called If ns Knew Then, according come A&E. 4 years later, she married former new York City police officer luigi Bellera. Amy asserts the Louis guided her toward a job in the sex industry, a case that Louis refuse to the New York Post. The two divorced in 2015. Amy now has actually three kids.

Like mary Jo and Joey, Amy has appeared on lot of TV segments and also shows. She has actually legally changed her name and is currently residing in long Island after formerly living in Florida with her kids, reports the Post.

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