General Facts and Figures

Full name: Amy Elizabeth FisherNet Worth: $200 000Occupation: Media personality, truth television star and adult entertainerBirthday: respectable 21, 1974Birthplace: Merrick, brand-new York, lengthy IslandBirth Sign: LeoSpouse: Divorced through Louis Bellera in 2015


Amy Fisher happened known together the long Island Lolita after she attempted to shoot the mam of her alleged lover. She to be 16 at the time and had allegedly developed a relationship with mechanic Joey Buttafuoco.The wife, mary Buttafuoco, endured the assault, and Fisher to be arrested because that attempted murder. She later pleaded guilty come aggravated assault and spent seven years in prison.She became a columnist for the lengthy Island press after her release from prison.Her biography, If i Knew Then… was released in 2004 and reached The brand-new York Times Best Seller list.She married louis Bellera and has three children from this marriage. The pair divorced in 2015.Bellera and Fisher offered a sex ice cream of theirs to Red Light district Video, and also Fisher walk a few public appearances to encourage this video too. This contains an appearance on the Howard Stern Show, i m sorry she left within a couple of minutes due to the fact that the organize took a call from Buttafuoco’s daughter.Fisher was an adult entertainer and also star, till she announced, in 2011, the she no longer ongoing in the line that work.

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Aggravated Assault and Prison


Amy Fisher was born in Merrick, brand-new York, on long Island. When she to be a student at Kennedy High School, in Bellmore, new York, Fisher met and also fell in love v Joey Buttafuoco, a mechanic in the long Island area that was already married. In a fit of jealousy, Fisher showed up in ~ Buttafuoco’s home and also shot his wife mar Jo in the temple. Fisher fled the scene, while Buttafuoco’s wife was activate on the totality night. She made it through the shooting, yet there continues to be nerve damage as a fallout of the shooting. Buttafuoco doubt the shooter may have actually been Fisher, and also when her photograph was shown to mar Jo, she determined her as the shooter.

Fisher to be arrested because that attempted murder but later pleaded guilty come aggravated assault. She was offered a jail sentence that 5 to 15 years but was released on parole after serving seven years in prison. She has later unable to do on record to to speak she was high ~ above ecstasy when she shot mar Jo.

Buttafuoco denied having a partnership with Fisher but was subsequently charged with statutory rape, come which he pleaded guilty in 1993. He offered six month in prison. In one interview to TIME magazine for she book Getting It v My special Skull: Why i Stayed, What ns Learned, and also What millions of People connected with Sociopaths must Know, mar Jo said around her husband: “I was married to a very, very great sociopath, I have the right to see why ns stayed. We had been married because that 15 years as much as that point. And I thought him. It’s as simple as that. I thought him when he said he had nothing to carry out with her.”

Reality tv Career

Fisher and also Mary Jo came with each other for a televised session for Entertainment this evening in 2006, and additionally in that is spinoff show, The Insider. The 2 have given several interviews to the press independently since and also have had earlier and forths end the years. In a New York Post interview, Fisher refuse to comment on the shooting but said mar Jo was a “wonderful lady and I was simply a stupid kid.” In the very same episode, Buttafuoco lost his cool at Fisher once she inquiry an apology from that for having actually seduced her, saying, “you room going come burn in hell!”

Fisher also appeared top top the Oprah Winfrey show soon after gift released native prison and alleged the Buttafuoco had actually preyed on she vulnerabilities. She spoke about her strained connection with her father and also said the Buttafuoco took benefit of this complex.

Fisher and also Buttafuoco reunited for the an initial time since the shoot in 2006, because that the Legends Football organization coin toss (formerly well-known as the Lingerie Bowl). There were additionally rumors the the two had actually gotten back together due to the fact that Buttafuoco’s divorce and also TV producer David Krieff claimed there to be talks of emerging a fact television present involving the two. In 2011, Fisher also appeared together a actors member in the reality television series Celebrity Rehab, along with her husband.

Fisher also published she biography If ns Knew Then, in 2004, i m sorry details she life in prison and the situations that led she there. She published another book, titled Amy Fisher: my Story in 1994, that asserted Buttafuoco had actually himself aided Fisher to plan the killing of his wife.

Adult Entertainment

In 2009, Fisher released a pay-per-view adult film called Amy Fisher: totally Nude & Exposed. She went on to sign a attend to Lee Entertainment and became a skilled stripper, doing club reflects every month. She starred in another adult film, released by DreamZone Entertainment, called Deep inside Amy Fisher. The movie was intended to it is in one in one eight-part series, yet in 2011, Fisher claimed she was retiring from the adult to chat business.

In popular Culture

The ‘Long Island Lolita’ case has been the incentive for numerous books and films. In 1993, drew Barrymore played the eponymous character in a telefilm called The Amy Fisher Story. In another rendition in the exact same year (incidentally aired on the very same night), Alyssa Milano play Fisher’s character. The Barrymore collection garnered greater television ratings.

The award-winning film American beauty, beauty is stated to have actually been motivated by the Fisher media trial. Writer Alan sphere was occurring it as a play in 1993, appropriate in the special of this case.

There have additionally been rather a few books composed on the incident and also the controversy. Lethal Lolita: A True Story the Sex, Scandal and Deadly Obsession, through Maria Eftimiades (1992) and Amy Fisher: Anatomy of a Scandal: The Myth, the Media and also the reality Behind the long Island Lolita Story, by Dominguez Pier (2001) room two significant works.

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Where Is She Now


After a life full of turmoil, media trials and also ups and downs, Fisher is said to have moved ago home to lengthy Island, in addition to her three kids. In one interview v the NY Post, she has thorough how tough life had come to be for her and her youngsters in Florida. Fisher stated her children could no make any kind of friends together all the parents to be afraid their youngsters would gain the “Amy Fisher gene if castle hung out through them.” Fisher has because moved back to long Island, not far from the step of the crime. She is stated to have family members there that she wanted to live close to in stimulate to also have a support system to raise she children.