** for ARCHIVE ** Vince Gill and also Amy grant arrive in ~ the 41st Academy of country Music Awards, Tuesday, might 23, 2006, in ras Vegas. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Amy Grant is best known for she career as a modern Christian music singer-songwriter who has additionally made appearances ~ above the popular music charts v love songs prefer "Baby Baby" (which had actually a renowned music video and secured a Grammy compensation nomination) and also "That"s What Love Is For" indigenous Heart in activity or she latest brand-new song, "Say It v A Kiss." because that 20 years, provide has been married to country music starVince Gill.

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yet they didn"t have the easiest road to happily ever after. Their love story is a prime example that through a little patience and also faith, whatever will work-related out together it should.

Grant and Gill met because that the very first time in 1993. Give was married come Christian musician Gary Chapman in ~ the time and Gill was married to country singer Janis Oliver. After ~ 17 years of marriage, the Dove compensation winner and also Chapman decided to contact it quits because of irreconcilable differences.

For anyone reasoning that Gill disrupted Grant"s marriage, think again. She called AARP that her an initial marriage "had been rocky native the get-go. I"d to be holding steady for 15 years in something that was not simple to host steady."

After conference Gill and also performing a few times together approximately Christmas that 1993, give was immediately drawn to the nation music singer. Your chemistry to be undeniable and also made whatever worth the wait. Watch their duet below.

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The couple waited come be with each other until Grant"s divorce was finalized and married in in march of 2000. The real struggle at the time was mix their two families. Approve had three kids from her marriage with Chapman, and also they were working to create a brand-new normal in ~ the height of their careers. Every eyes to be on the family and the children, eras 12, 10 and 7 in ~ the time, took part time to readjust to their new situation.

Luckily, the birth of daughter Corrina in 2001 carried everyone together. She make their family home a residence of love.

" the adhesive of this whole family," Gill called AARP. "She bonded every one of us in a blood method that yes, really did connect us."

Mutual girlfriend Rodney Crowell described to Taste that Country just how perfect the pair is for each other.

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"Sometimes one human being in your life puts that last block in place, and also you step into the ownership of who you are. The was a confident merging right there -- 2 great, fun-loving, easily accessible people. They"re the perfect pair and parents, completely realized human being beings and philanthropists. And also there"s absolutely no pretension around them, which is very rare."

Grant has made many Christmas albums end the years including A Christmas to Remember and Home for Christmas. Plainly the pair loves that time the year because they collaborate every year in Music City through their Nashville, Tennessee Christmas tour, 12 job of Christmas at the Ryman, in ~ the historical Ryman Auditorium.