The small People, large World star has actually been experience one giant adjust after an additional over the past several weeks, from the sublime (an engagement!) come the catastrophic (the death of she mother).

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Those who have actually been adhering to the truth star"s life over the past year or so must be familiar with just how she sold a parcel of she land on her family"s farm to her ex-husband, Matt.

Ever since, Amy has actually been in search of a house away native the farm in i m sorry to clear up down.


She"s been keeping social media pendant well apprised of this journey, admitting that she was a little bit nervous since she hasn"t live on a various piece of residential or commercial property in decades.

But now Radar Online can confirm that Roloff has actually bought a residence in Hillsboro, Oregon; she close up door the deal on September 27 and also she payment $588,500 for the home.

It"s situated 15 minutes away from the farm, one insider confirms, and sits on .16 acres.

According come Zillow, meanwhile, the average home price in this town is $379,200, definition Amy most likely purchased herself a pretty pretty place.


Also the note?

Fiance chris Marek aided Amy transparent the process, which does do a many sense, consdering he renders a living in the actual estate industry.

What else execute we know around the home, courtesy that this Radar report?

It boasts five bedrooms -- very important when kids and also grandkids, we"re sure, will often be invited over to continue to be -- and also four bathrooms and also it takes increase an area the 3,767 square feet.


In September, Amy and Marek announced they had gotten involved after three years that dating.

Just a brief while later, sadly, Amy"s mother passed away at the period of 86 ~ a prolonged battle with disease related come a bone infection.

Roloff has been paying she tribute ~ above Instagram in the weeks since, many recently creating of her beloved late parent:

Went to my Mon’s gravesite today. To feel her presence, talk w/ her, pray and be thankful because that what she life provided to me. Deserve to hardly believe that it’s to be one month due to the fact that my Mom’s passing and one week due to the fact that her memorial.

Still feels like just yesterday. Sometimes you just don’t feel or want to move on however you must.


On optimal of all this personal news, Amy is collection to welcome TWO new grandchildren in the very near future.

Daughter-in-law Tori is due through a son any kind of week now, if daughter-in-law Audrey is early in early January.

Between this births and also a wedding come plan and also a move to make, we simply hope Amy finds the moment to count her blessings and also to realize her amazing great fortune.

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We have no doubt the she will.

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