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"An Evening with Kevin Smith" is a collection of DVDs featuring Q&A sessions native screenwriter, actor, film producer, director, comic book writer, author, podcaster, and comedian Kevin Patrick Smith. Smith an initial came top top the scene v the 1994 independent movie "Clerks," a low-budget comedy in which smith debuted `Jay and also Silent Bob." While most Q&A sessions are finest kept because that one-time-viewing, "An Evening v Kevin Smith" is more like an interactive stand-up comedy set.One of the big things the sets Kevin smith apart from various other comedian/writers is how conveniently he meshes through the basic population. Again, I"ll reiterate the this is not your usual Q&A; whatever this man needs to say is funny (but you probably want to it is in at least a small familiar with Smith"s occupational prior to watching, some world don"t care for his brand of humor). An avid "Clerks" and also "Dogma" fan, I found these DVDs exceptionally entertaining; Kevin Smith"s on-the-spot improvisation is emphasize in this Q&As, additional attesting come his comedic brilliance. Sooo... If you"re a Kevin smith fan, i think you"ll really reap watching his version of stand-up; if you"ve never heard that the guy, it more than likely isn"t precious purchasing.___________"An Evening v Kevin Smith"--Unrated 2-disc collection (224 minute run-time) native Sony Pictures house Entertainment exit in December that 2002.SPECIAL FEATURES: Bonus Trailers.The very first "Evening" take away place between 2001 and 2002 at the American Colleges: Clark University, Indiana University, college of Wyoming, and also Cornell University. Throughout his visits, pan flocked come ask questions of Smith associated to exactly how he became involved in the film industry, his relationships with assorted celebrities (notably Jason Mewes and Ben Affleck), and also where he it s okay the impetus for his characters and storylines.___________"An Evening with Kevin blacksmith 2: night Harder"--Unrated 2-disc collection (239 minute run-time) native Sony Pictures house Entertainment released in 2006.SPECIAL FEATURES: Toronto Stand-Up Concert, Toronto: Limo ride Featurette (Kevin Smith access time the roads of Toronto, established to prize the all-important question, "What is Canadian cuisine?"), London Stand-Up Concert, London: man on the Street Featurette (Kevin blacksmith sidekick Jason Mewes make the efforts out various pick-up lines on the ladies in London).The second edition that Q&A sessions native Kevin Smith was shot in Toronto and also London. Going right into this set, I had actually a hard time pack my head roughly `what an ext could Smith need to say?" however being amongst non-domestic fans opens up up an possibility for blacksmith to poke funny at the cultural differences that division American fans from the British and also Canadian varieties. In addition, "Evening Harder" opens up up an ext of Smith"s personal life come the public, and also nothing is off-limits.

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Throughout the evenings, Kevin discusses his marriage, `Playboy," his own physique, `X-Men" (as a means of homosexual release), and also even Mel Gibson--though the last one could probably to fill up its own Q&A.