Between this episode and ForcedEntry, Eye feel favor there’s to be an optic in illustration featuring disembodied eye this see-son. Eye know, might Eye be any type of cornea?

Episode: 2.17, An Eye because that an Eye

Air Date: March 22, 2005.

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The Victim: See below.

Emotionally Traumatized, but Ultimately Irrelevant, Witness that Finds the Body: It’s letter time. Our witness comes to get hers while talking on the phone about dating. It’s the sort of conversation that renders me happy ns married. He no respect her time, his friends room all single, she’s sad. But now she happy, due to the fact that somebody sent out her a package. A cold package. Ohmigod that a pair of eyes in a box! The actress go a good job of being horrified and also dropping the package.

Plot Summary: We open on Ducky, staring right into a pan comprise the eyes. Gibbs arrives to ask questions, however Ducky’s only just now acquiring started. Gibbs apprises us that the eyes were in a package ceded to a small officer, however the neighbor, ours witness, gained them by mistake. Ducky says that the eyes space in good shape and also well-preserved, so Ducky thinks they to be intended because that a transplant.

Tony is sleeping. Maybe. His eyes are open. Kate is absolutely impressed. Yet Tony cases he’s mediating. Gibbs arrives and wants answers. Kate is check organ banks but hasn’t heard back. McGee is tracking the package. Tony reports that the package was addressed to small Officer second Class Benjamin Horlacher, stationed at Dam Neck, at this time on 72-hour leave. He is a student at the Navy marine Corps knowledge Training Center. Armed forces records space clean. McGee says the package was shipped from Ciudad, Paraguay, a ar of the country near the border the two various other countries, and also where black markets flourish. 

Gibbs, Kate, and also Tony head to command interviews in ~ the apartment facility where the eyes were delivered. The vxcialistoufjg.com manager, Mrs. Robinson states the mailman on regular basis puts points in the not correct box. Concerning PSC Horlacher, she claims he’s quiet and has a girlfriend. Mrs. Robinson think she has a key, and also she comes and goes as she pleases. She permits the agents to examine PSC Horlacher’s apartment. She likewise notes the lack of a wedding ring on Gibbs’s finger and asks if he’d like to come over as soon as he’s done. Gibbs smiles politely and gets to work, yet Tony whispers, “He IS single” together he go by a laugh Mrs. Robinson. Although, Kate allows her understand that Gibbs has been married three times.

Gibbs looks in ~ the magazines and the knick-knacks in PSC Horlacher’s apartment and notes that the girlfriend has taken over. Kate finds a woman’s clothes and make-up, but then snarks around her taste in clothing. Et tu, Caitlin? PSC Horlacher comes house in the middle of the search. He insurance claims he has actually been visiting his family members in new Jersey. The agents phone call him those going on, however PSC Horlacher pleads ignorance around the eyes, although the admits that his intelligence specialty is central and south America. Gibbs argues that possibly PSC Horlacher’s girlfriend knows what’s going on, however PSC Horlacher doesn’t have actually a girlfriend. They damaged up a month ago, and she hasn’t come ago to choose up she stuff. Gibbs tells PSC Horlacher to keep himself available, and the agents leave.

Outside, Kate notes that the make-up in the toilet was offered recently. PSC Horlacher is certainly hiding something, therefore Gibbs pipeline Tony and also Kate come stake out the apartment complex. Climate he bring away a contact from Abby and also Ducky. Abby reports that they can not use ID’d the owner that the eye yet, but the eyes space female. Ducky states the eye were provided up unwillingly. Based upon trace aspects in the eye matter, Ducky thinks the victim was poisoned and also suffered a cardiac arrest.

Night has actually fallen and also Tony and also Kate are freezing in the stakeout car. The smoke indigenous the tailpipe will offer away their position, for this reason Tony can’t turn up the heat. He supplies to snuggle yet Kate no biting. She imagines a tropical vacation instead. Kate observes the PSC Horlacher’s light has turned off, and, simply as she and Tony room musing over whether Gibbs will certainly make them remain all night, castle hear a gunshot. Tony and also Kate storm the apartment and also find PSC Horlacher dead on his bed and also dressed prefer a woman.

Ducky and Palmer arrive, and Ducky automatically starts paying the show’s penance for Dead guy Talking, episode 1.9 critical season. Gibbs asks what he is got, and also Ducky says, “Well, it’s a sad situation, Jethro. Even in today’s enlightened age, transsexualism is dreadful misunderstood.” Palmer interrupts come say the Gibbs wanted the forensic analysis, and Ducky and also Gibbs then debate the merits and effectiveness of head-slapping.

Ducky feeling comfortable call this a suicide, and penance continues. McGee states he thought many suicides shot us in the head. Gibbs says that’s men, no women. McGee concludes, “I assumption: v he didn’t think that himself as a man,” and also Kate says, “Well, she must have actually known the her secret was going to come out.” Tony offers what he think to it is in a correction concerning Kate’s usage of pronouns- “Don’t you median ‘he must have actually known that his secret was going to come out?’” Kate defines to the audience Tony that PSC Horlacher assumed of herself as a mrs trapped in a man’s body, and also when she killed herself, she set herself complimentary (hence the suicide note, i beg your pardon says,“I’m free”).

All of that said, the present is not exactly hanging its top in shame while the walks walks and talks talks. McGee recommendations Dead guy Talking and says this crime scene reminds the of certified dealer Pacci’s suspect. Kate laughs and also reminisces around “the beautiful pre-op transsexual the seduced Tony!” Tony objects, saying he wasn’t seduced, but was undercover, and also “someone had to save her occupied.” McGee says, “don’t you average ‘him’?” and point made, although Tony no happy about it.

You know all of this dialogue has purpose due to the fact that Gibbs there is no interrupted the seeming tangent by hitting his agents in the head or threaten to shoot or fire them. He has actually kind that disappeared, in fact. We find him really quick, however; and the episode shifts the end of audience education and learning mode in the most jarring manner feasible when McGee kicks over Gibbs’s coffee. A huge bass drum note from the soundtrack lets us know we’re relocating on, and also even Ducky and Palmer revolve in horror. McGee stammers and also runs far to gain a replacement.

Gibbs asks Kate if she witnessed anyone else go into or leaving the apartment, and she says, “No, she was right here alone.” Tony is checking into phone records. Kate opines that PSC Horlacher was living a double life and also there was no girlfriend (yes Kate, the audience has grasped this really obvious plot point). Tony observes the the case adds a different dynamic come “don’t ask, nothing tell.” Gibbs no care and wants to know around the connection to the eyes. And, proving that consistency of personality is an ext important in a drama than political correctness, Gibbs never wavers on utilizing masculine pronoun to refer to PSC Horlacher, and also exits if ordering, “Get he/she’s laptop to Abby.”

Still, that’s enough penance, right?

Abby checks the end the laptop. It’s invited to the gills through high-level defense protocols. But she and also McGee broke through most of them and found PSC Horlacher’s blog. The blog to be mostly around differences in between the sexes. Gibbs tells Abby and McGee to find out whatever they can about both the PSC Horlacher’s lives.

Kate speak Gibbs the PSC Horlacher lied around visiting his family, and also they can not use heard from him in over a year. Tony quiet can’t uncover a link to Paraguay. Kate desires to know exactly how a transgender human made that into intelligence school there is no anyone tumbling to his secret. Tony says calling PSC Horlacher’s faculty advisor, Guyman Purcell, to who phone records present PSC Horlacher put his critical call before his death.

Gibbs, Tony, and Kate attend one of Purcell’s lectures. He is lecturing on double agents. After ~ the lecture, the chats v the agents and also describes PSC Horlacher together a “decent student,” however says that’s every he knows around him. Gibbs asks if the course covers Ciudad, Paraguay and also the tri-border area, and they define the details the the eye package. Gibbs wants to know why PSC Horlacher referred to as Purcell, and Purcell says PSC Horlacher asked for an expansion on a paper. Gibbs says he’ll require it and tells Purcell around the small officer’s suicide ideal after their phone call. Purcell claims he was hard on PSC Horlacher due to the fact that it no his an initial extension, and also he told that he’d drop that from the course and put a black mark on his job if the didn’t form up. Probably this describes the suicide.

Back in ~ HQ, Kate and also Tony report the Purcell is a retirement Lt. Commander and also has his very own security consulting firm. Purcell has traveled ago and forth to Paraguay numerous times. Tony and Kate think he is either a spook or functioning for spooks since a lot of the jobs with which Purcell is associated are method above Kate’s clearance. Gibbs reminds united state that he no spooks.

Abby calls and also the agents head to she lab. Abby and McGee found bookmarks ~ above PSC Horlacher’s computer system for on-line security classes teach by Purcell. They likewise determined the PSC Horlacher accessed a .jpg document of a beautiful main American girl 22 times over a recent period. Castle think this is the girl who originally owned the eyes. Abby has contrasted iris patterns and it’s one 80% match.

Gibbs and also Tony are in MTAC, speaking through Colonel Bushnell, that knows Gibbs indigenous his naval days and also calls that “Gunny.” Col. Bushnell talks about his grandkids and says that heard Gibbs obtained married again. Gibbs laughs and also explains that didn’t work-related out. Col. Bushnell no surprised. Gibbs asks the Colonel about Purcell. Col. Bushnell claims Purcell is component of a tactical assessment team working the Paraguay area. Gibbs lays the end our players, and also Col. Bushnell seems ignorant of those going on. That notes that the TATs work-related with other agencies that aren’t always so forthcoming through information.

Gibbs manages come sneak increase on Abby through a Caf-Pow. She mirrors him some emails indigenous the tri-border area. He reflects them to Tony and McGee and also it looks like PSC Horlacher is involved in cook ransom negotiations v someone native Argentina end a girl. They speak money and proof of life. The kidnapper(?) ultimately slips up and uses Purcell’s name, and also angrily promises proof that life. But Gibbs no buy the idea of making use of a pair that eyes together proof the life. Tony thinks negotiations are over, and also it was yes, really proof of death.

Kate saw collect Purcell, and, per among his students, he has gone come Paraguay. Kate checked the flights and Purcell landing twenty minute ago. Gibbs speak Tony to go to Paraguay and “take among ‘em v you.” Gibbs will run the op from MTAC. McGee thinks he’s obtaining the nod from Tony.

He doesn’t.

Tony and Kate are in Paraguay, enjoy it the sights (if no the smells), and reveling over not having actually Gibbs spring over your shoulders. Of course, then Gibbs calls, points the end that the TAT structure they want is fifty feet native them, per the GPS, and also to protect against screwing around. Gibbs then web links up with Col. Bushnell, who has actually hooked the team up with a traitor or redshirt local overview named Joe Tabarez, a previous Marine. According to Col. Bushnell, everything Purcell is doing, he’s no working any op the Colonel knows about. And also if he’s working for someone else, they’re keeping their divide cards therefore close to their classified vest, that even Col. Bushnell is having actually trouble obtaining answers.

Tony and Kate satisfy their guide, Tabarez. He takes them within the TAT building, and also explains come them that the tri-border area is a ar where whatever is for sale and it’s likewise a former line for al Qaeda. Tabarez is free of Purcell’s skills. Yet he thinks he’s a “creepy sonuvabitch.” once Tony tells Tabarez the they doubt Purcell of having actually “shipped a pair of woman’s eyeballs to a transsexual seafarer who then eliminated himself.” Tabarez recognizes the girl in the photograph with Purcell together his wife, Anna Real.

Tony and also Kate report ago to Gibbs that Anna actual is seventeen, and also Purcell has actually been date her for around three years. Gibbs is no happy that Tabraez knew this and “looked the other means while Purcell to be molesting a fourteen-year-old.” Gibbs numbers Tabarez is probably out updating Purcell about Kate’s and Tony’s activities. Gibbs tells McGee to acquire Col. Bushnell top top the horn and tells Tony and also Kate to uncover Purcell.

They hang up, and Tabarez has been listening. Tabarez states he did not upgrade Purcell, and that he report his pedophiliac activities to southerly Command. But, follow to Tabrarez, Purcell is protected and also Tabarez doesn’t recognize by whom.

Col. Bushnell is a little annoyed the Gibbs would accuse that of looking the other method on Purcell. He assures to look right into it however tells Gibbs to watch his back. Gibbs claims McGee has his back, and he promises that he’s acquisition Purcell down. They end the call and also Gibbs hand McGee a cup the coffee. McGee thanks him and takes a sip. Gibbs asks what the hell he is doing and tells him to walk refill it. And then laughs for McGee’s whole panicked canter the end of MTAC.

Kate and Tony and Tabarez are trying to find information from, Iggy, one of Tabarez’s street vendor contacts. Iggy recognizes Anna Real, yet thinks she dead. The calls Purcell a good man. Things obtain weird, and also Tony more than likely breaks at the very least a dozen regulations by utilizing the high tech NCIS-issued satellite phone together a bargaining chip to obtain information the end of Iggy. Kate is no pleased. But Tony did it on objective to gain the gps chip onto Iggy’s human for when he visits Purcell. Kate realizes Tony had actually a plan and also asks if he wants her to apologize. Although she’s annoyed the Tony didn’t provide up his phone, which leads to a discussion regarding who’s command agent. And, in fairness, it’s Tony.

Col. Bushnell has been offered a direct order to protect Purcell together a an important intelligence asset. This is not the first time Gibbs has had to clock a “valuable knowledge asset” slide over criminal activity (Ari Haswari, in Reveille, episode 1.23), therefore he’s not happy. Col. Bushnell isn’t either. The reminds Gibbs that Marines deserve to either obey a direct order or resign, therefore Col. Bushnell is going to resign. Yet McGee has actually an idea. While Col. Bushnell doesn’t recognize the identification of his call (the one protecting Purcell), and also the guy always stands in the shadows when they talk, McGee thinks the if the Colonel it s okay his contact on the line, the Colonel’s encryptor can patch the call to MTAC.

Tony and also Kate space tailing Iggy. Iggy meets Purcell, and Gibbs tells them not to lug him in (since he is protected). They proceed the tail, and Gibbs says don’t interact unless required. Kate find Iggy in the hotel and also he operation away indigenous her. And into Tony. Tony and also Kate desires answers, and Kate is happy to suggest her gun at Iggy’s balls to get them.

We reduced to Purcell, hold a gun with a silencer in one of the hotel rooms. He has actually the total pointed at Anna Real. Turns out the Purcell/sHorlacher wasn’t negotiating a ransom. They to be negotiating a hit. However the kidnapper/hitman fouled up and also killed Anna’s sister. So currently Purcell has actually to finish the job, yet he wouldn’t have actually done any type of of this if Anna hadn’t endangered to betray him. He holds the total on her and she tells him to go for it since death is preferable come being with Purcell. The tells she to close she eyes, but prior to he deserve to shoot, Tony and also Kate kick in the door. Purcell thinks about it, and also Tony and Kate discuss sharing this episode’s MVP honors. Observing both their confidence and also their indifference to death him, Purcell surrenders come Tony and Kate.

Back in ~ MTAC, Gibbs gets in touch v the secret contact. Together Col. Bushnell described, the contact appears totally in shadow. Gibbs tells his brand-new friend the he either gives up Purcell, or Gibbs will personally deteriorate the identification of Ari Haswari. The spooks can either pick a vital al Qaeda mole or a child molester. Climate Gibbs cut the transmission.

Tony and also Kate space interviewing Purcell. Tony says Anna genuine told him the Purcell is no just gaining intel native gangs in the tri-border area yet is additionally running some of them. Purcell states he’s an excellent at his job. Tony provides clear that as soon as Anna genuine talks around Purcell’s underage dalliances, Purcell will spend the rest of hello life in Leavenworth. However Purcell just laughs. He states Anna no threatening to tell our government; she was threatening come tell hers. Tony asks what distinction that makes, and also Purcell laughs just as Tabarez comes in v orders to release Purcell. Purcell tide goodbye come a stunned Tony and Kate.

Back in MTAC, McGee announces another encrypted transmission. Gibbs tells him to placed it increase on the screen. We watch Purcell go out right into the street exterior the hotel and continue walking, smug laugh on his face. Then he takes a cartridge to the head and tumbles over as the infection ends. Gibbs says, “Bring our world vxcialistoufjg.com,” and the illustration ends v him leaving MTAC.

And hey, looks prefer I was wrong around Tabarez top top both counts.


(1) Tony: A dead transsexual sailor, his spook instructor and also a pair of human being eyes walk into a bar, what’s the punchline Kate?

Kate: everything it is, it requires this girl and Paraguay.

Tony: That’s true, yet not very funny. Probie! make me laugh!

McGee: Okay, the bartender doesn’t believe it, for this reason he asks the spook instructor ‘what the hell is walk on?’ and also the guy says ‘what, guy can’t have a drink with his pupils?’


Tony: well look in ~ that, Kate. He’s in reality thinking about trying it.

Kate: You twin tap the head, I’ll double tap the heart.

Tony: Deal.

Time Until sexual Harassment: 10:05. While freeze in the auto during the stakeout, Tony suggests that he and Kate keep warmth by cuddling naked.

Ducky Tales: Ducky discourses ~ above the etymology of the word “autopsy.” He gives a mini-lesson top top the background of corneal transplants.

The rest of the Story:

-This is the 2nd episode this season to function disembodied eyeballs. The an initial was Forced Entry, episode 2.9.

-Sadly for Mrs. Robinson, after ~ the events of Doppelgänger illustration 2.12, ns can’t imagine Gibbs gaining romantically affiliated with an additional witness, no matter exactly how tangential, at any time soon.

-I don’t do a entirety lot of exterior research for this blog, however I did learn last month that the present took part hits from the transgender ar over the portrayal of command Voss/Amanda Reed in Dead guy Talking. In particular, the agents fouled increase the pronoun usage, treated Voss’s/Reed’s status favor a joke and also turned Tony into a punchline for number of episodes. There’s some of that here too (and Gibbs isn’t playing in addition to any afterschool unique efforts), however the episode plainly made an initiative to define transsexualism and treat it through respect. Which, in 2005, is speak something.

-McGee is in good company in regards to spilling Gibbs’s coffee. Both Tony and Kate spilled it last season, in Minimum Security, episode 1.8, and also Sub Rosa, episode 1.7, respectively/

-Gibbs has never head about Men room from Mars, Women are from Venus. It has actually been a while due to the fact that they showcased Gibbs’s finish pop culture ignorance. This bit was virtually a staple last season.

-Tony referrals the movie Laura (1944).

-In hindsight, the a weird look for someone favor Col. Bushnell, who clearly knew Gibbs in his maritime days, to be so cavalier around his marital history.

-Gibbs referrals being in Bosnia v Col. Bushnell. The doesn’t totally fit v what we later learn of Gibbs’s timeline if he to be there together a Marine. Maybe he was a reservist.

-What the hell did PSC Horlacher have to do with any kind of of this? the feels choose the showrunners chose to clean increase the Dead man Talking mess, and also this was the finest episode to insert a transgender subplot.

Casting Call: Cleo King plays Mrs. Robinson, the apartment manager that hits top top Gibbs. She was additionally Mike’s partner’s grandma ~ above Mike and Molly.

Man, This display Is Old: In this episode, the present is front of its time in terms of its open-minded approach to transgenderism. This controversy is front and center in 2019 and also has been since at least 2016 or so. Accordingly, it’s interesting to see personalities in a 14-year old illustration making a “What’s the large deal?” argument and expressing empathy for PSC Horlacher.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell,” was the military’s rule regarding homosexual (and, by extension, transgender) servicepeople from 1993 till 2011.

Abby and also McGee have to define to Gibbs what a blog is. Amusingly, i am composing a blog about this show introducing the principle of a blog to a network TV audience. Abby and McGee also define “LOL” and “ROTFLOL.”

Kate uses the indigenous “transvestite.” i don’t think that’s usual usage anymore, and also it may also be offensive.

Hard to imagine the black market in Ciudad makes much money native DVD players today. They more than likely do one OK laptop or iPad trade, though. Of course, I wrote that, and also Tony buys a bootleg iPod because that $30.00 (well, that buys an north box, and also takes his cash ago from the guy). Remember once you had actually to bring a separate machine on i m sorry to store your music?

MVP: Tony and also Kate don’t gain to re-publishing a kill shot, however they conserved a life.

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Rating: I nothing love it as soon as the manuscript plays fast and also loose. In every various other scenario, our agents would have obtained PSC Horlacher’s girlfriend’s name immediately. Here, castle didn’t, and we get both inexplicably sloppy police work and extraordinarily an adverse unintended after-effects purely to company the script. Additionally, this is another one of those overstuffed episodes the would have been aided by far better editing. The plot doesn’t no make sense, yet the audience really needs to fill in part blanks. And also Petty Officer Horlacher seems fully superfluous other than as a vehicle to discuss transgender issues. That’s a laudable goal, yet tighter plotting could have enabled this illustration to have actually its cake and also eat the too. The episode wasn’t unentertaining, and also a an extremely bad guy gained his in the end. However it feels incomplete. Six Palmers.