This song is almost like a “First Vision” in itself, full of mystical allusions and symbols, unexpectedly realizing the Light, the Love, the One.

I’m ~ above a Disney kick, what deserve to I say.

One that my favorite Disney songs in recent years has been the theme tune from the man 2010 movie Tangled, “I check out the Light.” The story is based on the fairy story Rapunzel, and the song is created by composer Alan Irwin Menken and also lyricist valley Evan Slater.

This is a beautiful (Beauty-full) song that highlights plenty of features the the mystical experience/communion, even though it seems on the surface to be just a love song in between two characters. Actually, that is a Love song, since Love is a significant aspect the mystical experience.

The track takes location as Rapunzel and also Flynn have completed your arduous trip from her bondage in the tower, a false home, and also a false sense of me identity, to Corona (meaning crown, a luminous circle, and, of food in this pandemic, the coronavirus for the virus’s crown-like figure